No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0593

After all, they were not living in those times anymore. His mother was getting older and she deserved to enjoy a good life. At the very least, she did not need to behave as frugally as she did before. “Mother, your in-law is right. You’re too frugal. Don’t hesitate to buy anything you want. We’re not living in the old times. Tell you what, I’ll be free this afternoon. Let me take you out for a ride and buy you some clothes, jewelry, anything!”

“My son, I don’t need those things. Now that I eat well, dress well, and live well, I’m already very satisfied!” Joan said hurriedly. To be able to see her son accomplish all that he has today had already made her feel satisfied. Just a few years ago, the only thing she ever dreamed and hoped for was for Jack to come home safely from the battlefield. Lucky for her, her dreams came true. Not only did he come home safely, he even managed to come home as a decorated and accomplished man. Fate had been kind to her and treated her well these past years.

“Mother, what are you saying? We’re no longer short of money, so we should buy you some clothes or something!” Jack insisted with a smile.

“That’s right, you should dress up more so that you can adapt to the life of the rich!” Fiona said happily.

“Okay, Jenny. Do guide the staff and prepare the accommodations,” Jack instructed Jenny after some thought.

“Yes, master!” Jenny nodded and left with the staff quickly.

Just as they left, ten young women drove up to the villa and stopped at the clearing next to it.

“Why are there so many women here?” Andrew looked at what was happening below and was stunned.

“Why are they all women, and why are all the cars so expensive?” Fiona looked at the cars and felt ashamed, thinking to herself that these women had come to the wrong place by accident.

“Do you guys see him? That’s the handsome young man we’re looking for!” Elaine laughingly said to her peers as she recognized Jack.

“Oh, so that’s him. He is indeed handsome! To be his bodyguard is really my fortune. Even if he’s married, he’s such an eye candy!” another girl exclaimed.

Jack waited for the party to walk up to him before asking them suspiciously, “And…you are?” In reality, though, he could already guess who they were.
“Hey! I’m Elaine!”

“I’m Orchid!”


The ten girls stood in a row and introduced themselves one after another.

After the individual introductions, the ten of them chimed in unison, “We’re the Taylor family bodyguards!”

Jack felt embarrassed. He thought to himself, what the hell was Skyler doing? He asked for ten bodyguards, not ten female bodyguards, let alone ten beautiful female bodyguards—was this a beauty pageant or a group of bodyguards?

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