No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0596

Jack looked at the outfits of some of the girls and felt a bit of a headache coming. He said, “Since you’re all our bodyguards, you’ll need to maintain your appearances and wear uniforms. I’m afraid clothes like short skirts are inappropriate.”

“Hey, kid, why are you so restrictive. Shouldn’t girls have their own personalities? I like the way they dress! All of them have beautiful, fair, and long legs. What’s wrong? It looks good that way!” Fiona butted in unexpectedly. She continued, “This way, others won’t be able to tell that they’re bodyguards. They’ll be like plain-clothed policemen. Isn’t this much better? I don’t fancy having a large group of uniformed bodyguards following me. It draws too much attention!”

Fortunately, Orchid stood up this moment and said, “Auntie, don’t worry. We’ve already discussed this while on the way here. We do think that we need to get uniforms so we look more proper. However, we also don’t need to wear formal clothes. We’ve already thought of what to wear! We can wear summer jeans, white sneakers, and a white shirt. We’re thinking of having the Taylor family emblem on our shirts. How does that sound?”

Fiona thought about it and said, “Oh, that sounds good. It’ll look good, and it’s also a way of letting others know that you’re bodyguards. At least people will think twice before stirring up trouble!” She continued with a sparkle in her eye, “We’ll reimburse you for the costs of the uniforms. Do remember to get more sets of the uniform as a backup for each of you!”

“Auntie, it isn’t too expensive. To be the Taylor family’s bodyguards is our honor. We can’t even begin to express our joy. So, just let us absorb this small cost!” said Elaine, her beautiful eyes brimming with intelligence.

“Oh! You see, this silly girl is so considerate. Alright, if that’s the case, you can bear the cost yourself!” said Fiona. “When I’m free, I’ll buy you all a meal. Next time, you don’t have to be too formal. When we’re alone together, you can be more casual.”

“Thank you, auntie. Auntie, you’re not only beautiful in looks, but your spirit is also beautiful, too!” chimed in another young woman.

“Oh, really? I never noticed!” Fiona laughed, her spirits were high.

Jack shook his head helplessly and said to Joan, “Mother, since we aren’t occupied now, let me take you out to buy a few sets of clothes. Let us get rid of the old clothes you had before!”

“Isn’t it a waste to throw out the clothes?” Joan smiled bitterly.

“Mother, don’t worry. We’ll never lack money again!” Jack also smiled bitterly and looked at her.

“Master! Let us call you master in the future!” Elaine appeared in front of Jack and asked, “Master, are you going out? We should follow you and protect you well!”

“Yes, yes, yes, master, we are now your bodyguards. If you want to leave home, we have the responsibility to protect you!”

The other nine women heard this and ran over, faces full of hope. Each of them wanted to go out shopping with Jack. Protecting Jack was just an excuse. The experience of going shopping with the Supreme Warrior was truly unparalleled.

“Wait, all of you have not even gotten your uniforms yet, so perhaps next time. Besides, whenever I leave the house, I don’t like having bodyguards with me—it feels too restrictive!”

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