No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0597

“Moreover, I’m still pretty capable. I don’t need bodyguards with me. Your main responsibilities are to protect my daughter, wife, and parents-in-law. Other than myself, everyone in my family needs to be accompanied by one or two bodyguards!”

Jack gave some thought and continued, “I don’t need all of you to follow us. Just one or two will do. You don’t need to come together to shop for clothes.”

Elaine heard this and was suddenly depressed. She hung her head low and could not hold herself back from muttering.

“You all should rest at home. Since I’m your master, you all should listen to me!” Jack said, looking at Elaine with a neutral expression.

“Yes, master! We’ll obey your every command in the future!”

Elaine smiled. To have such a close conversation with the Supreme Warrior was enough for her for now.

“Let’s go, mother!” Jack quickly whisked Joan out for their shopping trip.

The ten beauties, each carrying their own luggage, were quickly escorted by Jenny to their residence. Once the living arrangements were made, Jenny left. As soon as Jenny left, the beautiful bodyguards gathered.

“Wow, Supreme Warrior looks even better the longer you look at him! I’ve never felt this way before. Previously, I thought he was just handsome. But now that I know that he’s the Supreme Warrior, he seems even more handsome to me!”

Elaine looked excited and cradled herself in her arms. “Although he rejected me earlier, just being so close to him and having a conversation with him—his indifferent smile, his charming voice—it’s all moving me so deeply.”

“Too bad, he’s already married. If he was single, we might still have hope.”

Orchid sighed and said, “As long as Supreme Warrior wishes it, I’ll do anything for him. I really wish to bear his child and be his woman! Life will be worth living being the woman behind him!”

“Yes, he’s married, but perhaps you can be his mistress? I know a warlord that just came home for a month and already got himself three wives. It can’t be helped. They’re way too charming!”

Another young woman said, “How can you even compare him to our Supreme Warrior!”

Orchid smiled forcefully, “Ah, let us just dream about this. It’s easier to climb to the heavens than to secure the love and affection of the Supreme Warrior. I heard that the George family daughter, Sharon George, is extremely beautiful. Furthermore, their family is so rich. Even she was rejected when she tried to pursue him. Do you ladies think we even have a chance?”

After hearing this, the entire group sighed together.

At this moment, in a different room, Xena had already taken a shower and changed into more comfortable clothes. She laid on her bed and could not resist muttering to herself, “Actually, Ben Taylor treats me quite well. He’s also not ugly, and Jack’s becoming richer. To have Jack as a brother-in-law would also be great as he can easily hand me a million dollars. I foresee that life like this can be really comfortable!”

She paused. Thinking deeper, she muttered again, “If I don’t want to be the wife of the Taylor family, or if Ivan Taylor is the second heir and has billions of properties, then marrying Ben Taylor is also a pretty good deal. It’s not bad, at least I’d be able to live a better life than many other women. It’s a pity their money is still too little. Humans will always strive higher, water will always flow lower. It’s simply the order of nature. Brother-in-law, please don’t blame me!”

After she was done muttering, she picked up the phone and made a call to Ivan Taylor.

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