No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0601

“Who dares lay a hand upon our young master? Does he have a death wish?”

It was another middle-aged man who spoke. His body was jacked with muscles, and he looked very sturdy from a glance.

“I know. He’s got a death wish! F*ck. There’s no need to be afraid of some so-called powerhouse from Eastfield!”

Another elder also spoke up, extremely furious, “We need to investigate the issue and find the culprit behind our young master’s death. We must kill him!”

Drag shook his head. “I think we should all just leave under the cover of the night. It’s not safe for us here any longer!”

“Why? Master, we’ve got plenty of villas and factories here, and our company’s here, too. Are you saying that you don’t want them any longer?”

One of the men wore a perplexed expression, unable to comprehend why his master would make such a decision.

“Quil was likely to have been with Marshal Zain. If Quil’s dead, and so are his bodyguards, Marshal Zain would’ve called me!”

Drag released a sigh. “But the Marshal hasn’t called, which means that he’s probably dead, too. We’ve provoked someone who shouldn’t have been provoked now. Eastfield is small, but don’t forget that plenty of war veterans have returned to the city, and there are plenty of Majors and Kings of War there. They even have a Goddess of War among them!”

“So, what you’re trying to say is that we’ve probably provoked a powerful veteran, sir? And it’s highly likely that they’re a King or God of War?”

One of the elders surmised after he thought about the matter in silence.

Drag nodded his head. “Quil had said that Jack was the one who leaked the secret to the Gods of War, and they had only killed my brother, Magnus, in a fit of rage. I suspect that they caused some trouble for Jack which then happened to attract the attention of the Gods of War. If that were the case, it’d been extremely unfortunate!”

At this moment, a frightening explosion resounded from outside. The terrifying cacophony of a fight immediately followed.

A bodyguard of the Xenos family immediately rushed in. “Bad news, sir. Someone’s ambushing our place. He’s in the mood for slaughter—and he’s very strong. I think he’s the famous King of War, Skylar Celestino!”

Drag instantly plopped onto his seat when he heard that, fearful. “We’re screwed. We’re completely, absolutely, screwed. Skylar is an eight-star King of War, an experienced fighter. No one in Sky City can hope to match his fighting prowess—what more someone from the Xenos family!”

“Ah. We’re too late. We probably would’ve survived if we’d left just a little earlier!”

An elder sighed.

It was too late now. The King of War was already there, ready for blood.

Three resounding crashes echoed consecutively, and three of the Xenos family’s fighters were thrown into the room. They lay on the ground, breathless.

“My apologies for the intrusion, but your young master offended someone who even I dare not offend. All the Xenos family can do now is to blame their unlucky stars!”

Skylar’s eyes were icy cold. He stood there, an immovable mountain of pure strength.

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