No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0604

“I know. I really don’t understand. Is it because you saved her and gave her a million dollars, or has she really had a change of heart?” Selena speculated for a moment.

“A change of heart?” Jack flashed a frosty smile. “A leopardess like this can never change her spots. She’s extremely greedy—even greedier than your mother. There’s a possibility that she’s got some devious scheme in the works for tomorrow!”

“No way. We’re going out and she’s scheming?”

Selena smiled and lay down after turning the lights off. “Let’s go to sleep!”

Jack hugged her from behind. “Dear, we were interrupted by Kylie last night, but she’s asleep in her room now. Should we…”

“Seriously? Why are you always thinking of such perverted things, you b*stard!”

Panic suddenly gripped Selena’s chest. There was a hint of coyness in her tone.

Jack was delighted when he sensed that coyness. He decided to continue with the game.

He flipped Selena over and pressed his mouth against hers.


Selena was extremely nervous, but she wrapped her slim, tapered hands around Jack anyway. The two became one.

The next morning, Selena stretched her body after she woke up. Her face was slightly flushed, and her skin looked bright and clear.

“You’re beautiful, dear!”

Jack stared at her, goggle-eyed.

“Hmph. You didn’t even ask for my permission last night and you went ahead and bullied me!” Selena harrumphed, but warmth emanated from her belly.

To be fair, she had been dead drunk on her wedding night and could not remember anything that had happened between them.

“your entire face is red, dear. I think I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with you!”

Jack chuckled and hugged Selena who had just gotten off the bed.

“Since when did you learn how to speak such sweet nothings!”

Selena picked her clothes up from the floor and rolled her eyes at him. “Turn around. I’m changing!”

Selena’s cheeks were stained red as she forcibly turned Jack around.

Jack spoke, grinning as his heart was just as full of warmth as before. It seemed that the two were just about to begin a passionate love story.

“Agh, so annoying. Quiet, you!”

Selena was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it. After she finished changing, she ran over and gave Jack a vicious pinch on the back.

“I never thought you’d have such wild moments too, dear!”

Yet Jack turned around and embraced her, not the least bit irritated. He planted a kiss on her forehead. “All right. Let’s wash up and head down for breakfast!”

“All right!”

Selena resembled a preening cat in Jack’s embrace, purring with delight. The smile on her face was small and sweet.

Before, she had hoped to experience this feeling—that she was protected. However, she had no choice but to be strong for her family when Jack was not around. She had no choice but to be a strong, independent woman who had to carry the weight of her family on her shoulders.


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