No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0606

From the side, Ben’s brows furrowed as he was grilling the meat. He could not comprehend the scene before him.

He was Xena’s boyfriend, not Jack. Why was she never this considerate with him?

Furthermore, Jack was his brother-in-law. Xena’s actions twisted his guts.

Xena’s heart leaped in excitement when Jack took the bottle. She immediately whipped out another bottle and opened it for Ben. “Here you go, Ben. You’re drenched in sweat, too!”


Ben was delighted. He instantly snatched the bottle and took a big gulp out of it.

“We’ll grab it ourselves!”

Selena forced a polite smile but was not very happy. Jack was her husband. Since when was Xena responsible for caring for him?

Besides, she even opened the cap for him. This was being a little too friendly. Even if she did that, she should have given the bottle to Ben first. Why did she let Jack take it first?

Here, Selena could not help but suspect that she was beginning to like Jack just because he saved her yesterday, and because he had given her a million dollars. Even if she did not like him, it was possible that she was trying to seduce him now that she knew that he was rich, so that she could siphon some money from him.

At this moment, Jack took the bottle and was about to take a sip, but he stopped.

Xena frowned. Was Jack able to detect even a colorless, tasteless poison?

Anxiety clutched at her heart when she considered the possibility. Jack was someone who could kill without blinking. He would probably give her a single punch and send her into oblivion if he found out she tried to poison him.

Her expression darkened. She stared at Jack, trepidation pounding in her chest. She felt as though she could hear her own pulse.

“What’s wrong, Jack? Aren’t you thirsty?” Xena gulped and posed the question tentatively.

Jack craned his head to look at her and flashed a wan smile. “Of course, I’m thirsty!”

After saying that, he tilted his head back and gulped the water down, drinking more than half of it in one go. In the end, only a little bit was left. He carelessly flung it into the trash can beside him.

He was well aware that there was something in the water—and he was even more aware of what exactly was in it.

For a brief moment, a murderous intent surged within Jack. He wanted to shred that d*mn b*tch apart. However, he quickly toned down on his anger.

He remembered what Selena had told him that morning, and he remembered his promise to her—that he would not alert Xena to his actions. They needed to weed out the man she was seeing, and they needed to show Ben that Xena was seeing someone else behind his back.

Besides, Ben was here now, and so were Fiona and the others. He would have no way to explain himself if he killed Xena.

Would they even believe him if he told them the water was poisoned? The poison would probably take about a month to manifest, so he would be fine for now, almost as if he had never drunk any poison. Would they believe him? A poison like this was truly dangerous.

More importantly, even if they did believe him, Xena would never admit to it. They would not be able to do anything if she insisted that she did not know anything, and she would probably shift the blame to the bottled water company.

Xena heaved an internal sigh of relief when she saw Jack drinking the water—and plenty of it to boot.

He probably did not know anything. Otherwise, he would not have drank nearly the entire bottle in one go. There would be absolutely no evidence then.

“Come on, let’s eat! The wings are ready!”

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