No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0609

Xena paused for a while before resuming, “Right. Don’t call me at night either, okay? We always play a game during our gatherings where we’d put all of our phones on the table, and the owner of the phone that’s the first to ring will be the one to pick up the bill. We always end up spending over ten thousand dollars, so I definitely don’t want to pay. We have to save up a bit. Understand?”

“Then, when will you be back?”

Ben’s voice rang from the listening device again.

“Seriously, Ben? Why do I feel like you’ve been nagging at me more and more lately? My friends and I always hang out, drinking until late in the night. What do you mean ‘when am I coming back’? Of course, we’re going to go to a hotel to sleep. I’ll come back in the morning!”

Xena was getting a little impatient. “All right, I’m off. See you tomorrow!”

Soon after, they heard the thud of a closing door. It seemed that Xena had gone out.

Jack and Selena heard the clicking of heels from outside, growing softer as the sound faded into the distance and followed its master down the stairs.

“Dear, it seems like Xena’s going to see that man. This is a golden opportunity for us!” Selena spoke.

Jack nodded. “She definitely thinks that I’ve been poisoned. Now, she either can’t wait to ask for her reward or she’s going to report the incident to him. As to whether she’s in an intimate relationship with that man, I don’t dare to ascertain just yet.”

“I do think they’re in a physical relationship!”

Selena mulled over it for a while, then she spoke in a solemn tone, “I have a strong feeling that they are since she’s so secretive about it. She wouldn’t do this if they weren’t in a physical relationship. Secondly, never mind that she’s been dressing more provocatively lately, she’s also been spraying on some heavy perfume. The possibility of them being lovers is very large.”

“All right. I trust your judgment. We can call your brother now and find our proof!”

Jack gave her a small smile and together, they left their room. They also temporarily disabled the eavesdropping function on the device, only leaving the tracking function on.

“Mr. Jack…”

They did not expect the bodyguard at the entrance to approach them as soon as they exited. “Mr. Jack, Xena…”

It was evident he had come over to report the situation.

“Never mind,” Jack interrupted him. “I know what’s going on. Go down now!”

The bodyguard nodded and went down.

Jack and Selena stood in front of Ben’s room, their insides stirring with uneasiness. In the end, Selena sighed heavily before knocking on the door.

“Sis? Jack? What’s going on?”

Ben stared at the two of them suspiciously when he opened the door.

“Let’s go. Don’t forget that promise you and Jack made. If you find her with another man, you’ll kill her yourself. Right?”

Selena’s expression darkened as she looked at her brother, utterly solemn.

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