No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0610

“Sis, what are you talking about? Hasn’t she gone for a karaoke session with her girlfriends?”

Ben frowned. His features twisted into a slight grimace. Now that his sister and Jack came over looking for him, they probably had some measure of certainty in themselves.

He never wanted to believe what they said, but he himself felt that Xena had changed a lot lately. She would frequently go out with her so-called girlfriends, and she would never bring him along.

Still, he harbored hopes that everything was a fluke and that he was reading too much into her actions. He hoped that Jack would never find his evidence, and he definitely hoped that Xena would wed him and that they would have the wedding soon.

Yet this day had come, and it had arrived so soon, too. Jack and Selena were both standing at his door.

“How can you be so idiotic, brother? Both of you are about to get married. She’s your fiancée. Why wouldn’t she bring you along if she’s going to see her girlfriends for karaoke? Besides, this isn’t just a one-time thing, right?”

Selena was speechless for a while before she spoke with a tinge of disappointment.

“But Sis, she herself said that her girlfriends don’t bring outsiders along and that they can only loosen up when they’re alone among themselves. That’s why she doesn’t bring me along…”

Ben insisted on believing in Xena.

“So…are you coming along? She’s definitely going to see a man. Don’t tell me you’re chickening out now? Why are you so scared if you trust her so much?” Selena spoke with irritation in her voice, her arms folded across her chest.

“Let’s go, then. I refuse to believe she’ll do something like that to me after all I’ve done for her!”

Ben clenched his palm into a fist and stomped out of the door, trudging down the stairs.

Selena shot Jack a glance and the two immediately trailed after him. The three quickly got into a car and drove out.

“But Sis, Xena has been out for a few good minutes now. Can we even find her? Don’t tell me you know where she is.”

Ben’s heart palpitated as he sat at the back.

He knew that Jack was clever and that he would always have a plan in wait. Since he and his sister had brought him out so confidently, they probably had pretty good proof already.

Selena, who sat beside Jack, took his phone out. She turned it on and showed it to Ben.

“You two planted a tracking device on her?”

Ben watched the flashing dot on the screen moving forward. His expression darkened.

“We had no choice. Xena’s extremely sneaky. We’d be found out long ago if we didn’t do this. That’s why the best method is to let her go first before following her.”

Selena’s lips curled into a bitter smile. Although she felt that this method was a little underhanded, she had no choice but to go along with it for the sake of her little brother, so that he would finally open his eyes to the truth.

“She stops! It’s the Grand Star Hotel!” Selena yelled abruptly as she quickly realized that the red dot stopped moving as soon as it arrived at the Grand Star Hotel.


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