No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0612

“How could it be him?”

Selena’s forehead puckered. She was at a loss for words. If Xena was with the others, it would not cause this much emotional damage. How could it be Ivan Taylor?

Even Jack’s face turned gloomy at this fact.

After all, Ivan was Selena’s cousin. If it was Ken Clark or the others, Jack could have just ended their lives without thinking twice.

Ken and the others were always targeting Jack and his family. They even wanted to slit Jack’s throat. If the poison was given by Ken, Jack would have no worries about killing him.

However, if the person behind it was Ivan Taylor, the situation became more complicated. Ivan is a Taylor and Selena’s cousin, after all. If he sent him to the grave, it would be too much. Besides, Ivan had never inflicted grave harm on Jack before, other than hatred, mockeries and contempts.

Furthermore, if Old Master Taylor knew that Jack had killed his only grandson—Ivan Taylor—he would spew blood to death. Not to mention, Xena was the one who initiated the dirty deed and had offered herself to Ivan. Hence, Ivan could not be blamed completely.

Besides, the Taylor family’s anger would spike if Jack killed Ivan just because of their secret affair.

After all, one hand cannot clap alone. It was not as if Ivan had forced Xena into this.

“Dear, what do you say? I’ll follow you!”

Feeling uneasy to decide after considering all the possibilities, Jack threw the ball to Selena, letting her decide.

“Xena, this woman, I’ll let my brother end her. As for Ivan Taylor, hmmm, it wouldn’t be a good idea to kill him. He’s responsible for the South Hill Real Estate projects and he’s my cousin, too. If we kill over this matter, Grandpa Taylor won’t be satisfied.”

After giving some thought to the situation, Selena opened her mouth, “However, it doesn’t matter if Xena was the one who offered herself to him or he went to Xena first. We can’t let this slide. Beat him up, hard! Make him bedridden for at least half a month!”

“By the way, I’ve some great news to tell you!” Xena’s voice rang from the phone again.

“Oh, what’s making you so giggly?” Ivan returned, smilingly.

“The good-for-nothing b*stard Jack drank the poisoned water yesterday! And he’s completely unaware of it!”

Xena beamed and her mouth curved into a wicked smile. “As long as this b*stard dies, you can announce our relationship in front of everyone in the Taylor family. I’ll officially be your girlfriend then I won’t have to be with Ben the hopeless waste any longer!”

“Did you really give Jack the poison? Are you sure?”

Ivan’s surprised voice contained a hint of disbelief. He had been looking forward to this day for a very long time!

“Of course, I’m sure! Yesterday, I purposely suggested going on a barbeque picnic. He was responsible for the grilling, which made him sweat like a pig. So, I volunteered to buy them some drinks and seized the opportunity to put the poison pill into his bottle of water. I pretended to help him open the bottle before handing it to him. I seriously didn’t expect that he’d drink the whole bottle of water in one go without questioning anything…”

As she narrated the incident, brazenness and arrogance could be heard in Xena’s tone as though she had accomplished a glorious deed.

“Well done, Xena, well done! Also, it’s just one month away from Selena’s birthday, and that day will also be Jack’s memorial day. His body will become weaker and weaker as the days pass, and in his last two days, his body will fester. Hmph! Everyone will celebrate when he dies!”

Ivan laughed aloud, and then added, “Babe, come here. Let me undress you. You deserve a good reward from me!”

“Aww. You’re so cute when you’re impatient to get me!”

Xena’s voice was full of coquetry.

“You little imp. You don’t say what you think, do you?”

Ivan let out a laugh.

In the car, Ben was burning with so much anger he was about to explode.

It turned out that what Jack and his sister had been saying was true, that Xena, this slutty woman, had long been in private affairs with other men.

Moreover, Jack’s statement about Xena poisoning him was proved to be true, too.

Never did he expect that Xena was such a woman—a rotten and dirty woman. What she said about him—a hopeless trash—was completely beyond his imagination as well. She was nasty!

“Oh, right. Don’t forget to buy me a villa, too!” Xena’s voice appeared again.

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