No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0615

Ivan was kicked back against the wall before falling heavily onto the ground. The pain crushed him inside out. Every jostle sent ripples of pain through his shoulder, back, and neck, causing him to curl like a cooked prawn.

A few more merciless kicks were thrown at Ivan as Jack approached him.

Ben did not move an inch. He stood as still as a statue, only staring menacingly at Xena. He was hoping with all his heart that he would not witness the scene that he hated the most. However, he could not avoid the truth anymore.

Xena put her clothes on quickly and returned Ben’s stare. “Ben Taylor, you can’t completely blame me for this. You can only blame yourself and your uselessness. Do you think I’d be with Ivan if you weren’t a useless piece of trash?”

“F*ck!” Finally, Ben exploded. He could not hold back his rage any longer as he gave her a few heavy slaps across her face. He snarled, “Shameless f*cking b*tch! Pretending to be all elegant and pure in front of me every day! You’re just a nasty, filthy witch who does dirty deeds behind people’s back!”

“You! How dare you hit me!”

Xena clasped both hands over her cheeks, scarcely believing her eyes. With a look of despair, she said, “Ben Taylor, how could you! I’m fortunate that I decided not to give myself fully to you. You’re a grown man, yet, you’d hit a woman? Luckily, I’ve yet to marry you. Otherwise, I’d suffer from domestic violence in the future!”

The heartache tormented Ben and he raised his arm high again. However, his movement stopped midair.

On the other hand, Xena was staring straight into Ben’s eyes with a hateful sneer on her face. “Just hit me! Stop being a useless gnat and hit me! A grown man who’d beat a woman? How can I be with a person like that? Besides, I’ve been with you for two to three years now and I’ve never seen a hopeful future from being with you! Especially back then, have you even bought me a branded bag before? Or perhaps some decent clothes and lipstick?” she provoked.

Ben’s tongue was tied by a series of questions. He stood frozen. At this moment, he actually began to believe that he was at fault.

Selena, who stood behind Ben, could not stand the situation anymore. She went forward and served a few slaps on Xena’s cheeks.

“F*cking b*tch! What right do you have to hit me!”

Xena was soaked in anger. She knew inside out that Ben loved her very much, so naturally, he would be reluctant to beat her. For a long time, Ben was even afraid of her.

Nevertheless, she never thought Selena would come forward and slap her!

“Aren’t you a shameless slut? Indeed, my brother was not wealthy before, but every time he had something good, he’d share it with you! The money he’s been saving up was always for you to go for your karaoke sessions or to the internet café to enjoy yourself! During the years that you two have been together, how much have you contributed?

“You’re a gold digger and this is an iron fact! You approached Ivan and slept with him for his wealth! How dare you shamelessly shove all the blame onto my brother now!”

After Selena finished barking at Xena, she wheeled around and spoke to Ben, “Ben, why are you still standing here with a puzzled look? End her right now! Trash like her should be eliminated immediately. Don’t tell me you want to keep this rubbish to celebrate the new year? Have you forgotten the agreement with Jack? Today, you must act like a man!”

“Kill me if you dare!”

Xena raised her head, staring straight into Ben’s deadly pupils. “I don’t love you and don’t want to marry you. That’s because I think you’re incapable! You’re a useless piece of trash that only knows how to play games all day. What’s the use? Moreover, I’m not even married to you, I’m just your girlfriend! I have the freedom to be with whoever I want to be!”


The more Ben thought, the angrier he grew. He slapped Xena hard before pushing her down on the bed. His hands were around her neck, choking her. “I—I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you today! You f*cking gold digger!”

Anger rose in Ben like a tide. His bloodshot eyes were full of wrath and he looked as though he had emerged from hell. “I’ll end you! F*cking shameless b*tch!”

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