No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0616

“Ben Taylor, you son of a b*tch! It’s a consensual relationship! What right do you have to kill her? You can’t blame Xena just because you’re a piece of useless sh*t!” Ivan yelled. He spat out a mouthful of blood after receiving a few kicks from Jack, yet he could not hold himself back.

After all, Xena had helped him a lot, and there was much affection between the two of them. He truly did not wish humiliation and death for Xena.

Besides, he was hoping to enjoy the scene of introducing Xena as his girlfriend in front of the Taylor family. He wanted to see how anger and rage consumed Ben and Selena alive.

Xena was struggling underneath Ben. Her body was getting feebler and feebler, her face turned blue and it seemed like she was about to die.

However, Ben could not bring himself to kill her in the end.

Warm tears blurred his vision. He let go of Xena and fell to the side, mentally and spiritually destroyed.

Xena clutched her throat and could not stop coughing and gasping for air. She was panting heavily.

“Brother, what are you doing? How can you just…”

Selena was at a loss for words. Xena was about to breathe her last breath, and Ben could have avenged himself! Yet, her softhearted brother decided to give up at this critical moment.


Ben lifted his head with reddened eyes. He was fighting back his tears until he could no longer hold them anymore. Tears ran down his cheeks like a river. “Can someone really kill the one they love with their whole heart? She betrayed me, and my heart broke, but…but, I can’t bring myself to kill her. I love her beyond everything. I just can’t do it! And she’s right, I’m useless, I’m not capable at all. I don’t even dare to take someone’s life!” he managed to breathe out some words with a tone of despair.

Selena suppressed a tremble inside her. She understood Ben’s feelings very well.

Yes, Ben was right. He loved Xena too much. Even though the other party had wronged him, for him to kill someone he loved the most was a little too cruel and inhumane.

Xena, who had recovered from the previous episode, took the advantage of the timing and got up and rushed out the door. She was afraid that if she was a second slower, Ben would change his mind.

As Xena ran out of the room, Selena breathed out a sigh of defeat and sat down on the side of the bed, feeling helpless.

She could fully understand Ben’s feelings. It was already arduous for Ben to let go of this deeply rooted affection, what more killing the one he loved?

Perhaps, Ben would feel better in a few days.

Ivan, who was lying on the ground, spat out another mouthful of crimson red blood. His face had been beaten blue and black.

“Enough. Let’s go. You’ll beat him to death if you continue!”

Selena switched her attention over to Jack and Ivan and sighed tiringly. She walked over to Jack and pulled at his sleeves, asking him to stop the beating.

“Ivan Taylor, listen to me clearly. What happened today is due to what you did in the past. You reap what you sow. You can find whoever to sleep with and have an affair with, but you went for Xena. What does that say? I think you did it deliberately!”

Jack also understood that if he killed Ivan merely because of a consensual secret affair, he and Selena would not be able to justify themselves before Old Master Taylor. Besides, if he were to tell Old Man Taylor about the poison, no one would believe him. Now that he had forced the poison out of his body, his body was as healthy as before. Nobody would believe he was poisoned as there was no evidence to prove it at all!

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