No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0619

Ben stayed silent the whole way home, as though sadness had stolen his words. It was obvious that dread and sorrow had been growing inside him since the earlier incident.

“Brother, I understand if you can’t kill her. After all, you’ve been together for so long!”

Selena wheeled her head around, looking at Ben who was in the backseat. She continued, “But, this is the last time you’ll be grieving. The next time we see her, you can’t stop us from wanting to kill her. After all, this woman is too cunning. Not only did she cheat on you, but she also attempted to poison your brother-in-law!”

Ben remained silent for several seconds before he finally nodded. “Don’t worry, Sis. I understand now. I was useless before, and too naïve. I don’t behave like a grown and mature man. I don’t even have a decent job! To her, I’m still a hopeless, unrecyclable piece of trash!”

His muttering halted at this moment. Then, a voice came out from his mouth again, “But, to kill her…I really can’t do it! In the future, it’ll be fine with me as long as you don’t kill her in front of me. I believe I’ll stand up again soon!”

“I’m really glad that you can think in this way!” Selena replied, her eyes teary.

Ben suddenly thought of something. “Oh, right. By the way, is Jack okay? How’s his body?”

“Don’t get too preoccupied. If Jack didn’t have the solution, he wouldn’t have drank the poisoned water.”

Before this, Selena assumed that Jack’s medical skills were just average, but right now it seemed that his skills were more than that. He was a miraculous doctor, but Selena was not sure if Jack possessed the medical knowledge for other illnesses and if he could treat them.

The car stopped outside the villa. Ben flashed a bitter smile and hobbled into the house alone.

“Selena, what happened to Ben? He doesn’t seem right to me. Where did you all go?” Fiona came out from the villa and questioned Selena, feeling uneasy.

“Sigh. Xena, this slutty woman. She cheated on Ben with Ivan. I truly didn’t expect that Ivan’s the man she’s been seeing!”

A heavy sigh escaped from Selena’s mouth. If it were someone else, they would have killed him on the spot. She never expected it to be Ivan Taylor!

“What? No way! How’s that possible?”

Fiona’s expression morphed into one of horrified surprise. She could not believe her ears.

However, when she thought of the melancholic and solemn look on Ben’s face, coupled with Selena’s bad mood, she could not help but gulp hard. “Are you sure?” She questioned, again.

“A hundred percent! We caught them in the middle of the act in a hotel room!”

Selena released a defeated sigh. “What have I been saying? This woman’s not so simple, yet none of you believed me. Do you finally get it now?”

Selena walked into the villa after dropping her last word while Jack followed her back to their room.

“You must kill Xena, that b*tch!”

Back in the room, Selena could no longer suppress her irritation about the situation. “It’s not only because of my brother, she poisoned you too! That f*cking piece of sh*t!”

Jack nodded and responded with a gentle smile. “To kill her, it’s as easy as A-B-C! Your brother couldn’t do it just now, but I can, right? Doesn’t she love money? And there she thought she’d become wealthy after marrying Ivan? I’ll let her taste her own fruit! I’ll make sure she knows that even if she married Ivan, she won’t be anywhere close to ‘wealthy’. She’ll realize that Ivan is her worst choice!”

“You mean you’ll make her regret everything and kill her after that?”

Selena was slightly taken aback. She tilted her head slightly to the side and asked.

“Yes, my dear. Did you not hear what they said in the hotel room through the tracking device? Ivan has been wanting to get rid of us because he feels that you’ll compete with him for the Taylor’s inheritance. I know you’re not interested in it at all, but now I think we should snatch it!”

Jack chortled sarcastically. “Because this will be the best revenge for Ivan and Xena!”

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