No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0620

“But, I’m not interested in Taylor’s inheritance at all! I’ve never thought of competing with him!”

Selena’s forehead puckered, lines forming between her brows. “I just want to live a peaceful life. Plus, the money we earn monthly is more than enough for us to live comfortably. We have a villa, and also cars! I truly enjoy the life we’re having right now. As for the Taylor properties and assets, Grandpa Taylor already entrusted them to Ivan from the beginning, so he’ll definitely pass everything over to him. As for whether or not Grandpa Taylor wishes to give me some of it, I truly don’t care at all!”

“My dear wife, you’re too simple and pure.”

Jack giggled happily and wrapped his arms around Selena’s waist. “Dear, you’re kind-hearted and it’s not a big deal to you. How Grandpa Taylor distributes the properties, you have no interest at all, I’m sure. The thing is, Ivan doesn’t think so! For a long time, he always felt that Grandpa Taylor always treated you very well and that you’ll eventually take what belongs to him! He’s been holding a grudge against you, and even bullying you and Kylie!”

Jack paused for a few seconds and then continued, “Now he has finally become the general manager of the company. Naturally, he wouldn’t want to share any of it with anyone. If you married a rich man, you wouldn’t be competing with him for the assets anymore. He’s worried that he might need to share a part of the Taylor properties with you, so that’s why he made Xena poison me!”

After Selena listened to Jack’s detailed analysis, she was at a loss for words. “I get what you mean. I’ve been forgiving him and letting things slide due to our blood relationship, but he’s never done that for me. He’s never thought of letting us live. So now, it doesn’t matter whether it’s for Kylie or you—I’ll fight him!”

Jack nodded in agreement. “Furthermore, Ivan’s not as good as you in managing businesses. If you let him take over the company, I’m afraid that not long after, the Taylor properties and assets will all be gone. He’ll make sure that everyone’s efforts go into the drain. At that time, Grandpa Taylor will be so pissed, he might get a heart attack and die!”

“Yes, you’re right. He’s never thought of letting us live. I’ll make sure he feels the same! I, Selena Taylor, am not a paper tiger!”

Selena nodded as memories from the past few years flashed in her mind. Ivan had not only bullied her and impeded her from finding a job in other companies, he also bullied Kylie! She only tolerated and swallowed it down because of her kind heart.

At first, Selena thought that since Jack had returned from the war and both of them had found decent jobs with the Drake family, Ivan would tone down his behavior for a bit. Hence, she decided to let all his past deeds stay in the past and never brought them up again.

Now, Selena realized that she was being too naïve and ignorant. Ivan had never treated her as one of the Taylor’s at all. He did not only cause harm to Jack, but also her brother.

Ivan was rich and possessed a certain amount of power in Eastfield. It would have been easy for him to find a woman to play and sleep with, but instead, he went for Xena. It was so obvious that he did it deliberately to cuckold Ben!

“Well, it’s getting late. When you have time, please visit Grandpa Taylor more often. His attitude toward us has changed a lot after his seventieth birthday banquet!” Jack said, bobbing his head.

The couple quickly took a warm shower and went to bed.

At this point in time, Ivan was lying on a hospital bed, taking some medicine and hooked to an IV drip.

“Sigh! Xena, you’re too careless! How didn’t you know you were being followed!”

Ken, who was sitting beside the bed, sighed loudly and reprimanded Xena.

“I don’t know what’s going on, too! I even took extra steps to make sure I wasn’t followed! I really can’t fathom how they knew of my whereabouts!”

Xena released a heavy sigh. She was worried. “I’m done for! Although Ben spared my life this time, I don’t think Jack will. I think his hatred toward me now is beyond any imaginable level. If he gets the chance, he’ll definitely end my life!”

Xena knew very well in her heart that Jack had spared her life twice. The first time was during the incident outside the city. Jack had shown her mercy as she was Ben’s girlfriend.

However, she used her sneaky mind and successfully blended into the family again. Jack did not seem to mind.

Today, it was Ben who had let her go. Jack was not able to kill her in front of Ben, too. That marked the second time.

But now that she had left Ben completely, she could no longer return to that family. Every plan and every deed had been exposed. She truly believed that the next time she saw Jack, he would no longer show her any mercy.

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