No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0623

“Jack really drank that poison?” It was too good to be true for Neil as he broke a slow smile. “F*ck! That’s good news alright! He’s poisoned! This poison is a potent one and can cause his body to weaken continuously without him knowing it. He’ll die miserably after a month…!”

“How about it? It’s not too much for you to pay for this news, right?” said Ken as the grin never left his face.

“Of course it’s not too much. I’ll pay for it! F*ck… Jack’s dying soon. The gods must be on my side right now!” Neil laughed happily.

A plan began to formulate inside Neil’s mind. Once Jack was out of the picture, he would ask Ken out and eliminate him.

After all, Ken was acquainted with Selena for the longest time and used to have a good relationship with Selena. Neil was good-looking and prepossessing, but he did not have such a deep relationship with Selena like Ken.

Michael was the least of his concern; a fat pig like him would never get Selena. Hence, once Jack died, Ken would have the highest possibility among the three pursuers.

Neil had nothing to fear so long as Ken would be out of the picture after Jack was gone. He could use money and his own true heart to win over Selena. She would be very distraught after her husband’s passing, but his passion would surely change Selena’s thoughts about him. She would surely throw herself into his arms!

“Then let’s drink more today,” came Ken’s cool-headed reply. “I’ll tell you the details of the situation in a bit. This Xena can be rather useful in things like these. She actually completed something that we kept failing to complete!”

“Yeah,” replied Neil, “and everybody says bimbos are dumb. I never thought that Xena could be quite quick-witted and Ivan to have quite good insight. We’ve finally gotten rid of Jack!” The excitement was getting the best of Neil as he took his cell-phone out and said, “Let me call Ivan. The more the merrier, and we can treat this as an early celebration! This is our celebration dinner!”

“It’s best if you don’t call Ivan right now. Jack had beaten him up, and he’s now in the hospital with Xena taking care of him.” Ken laughed awkwardly.

“How’s that possible?” Neil was surprised. “Why was he beaten up? Could Jack have known about this matter? That doesn’t seem right… if Jack knows that he’s been poisoned, wouldn’t he ask Ivan for the antidote? Wouldn’t he kill Ivan if he doesn’t have the antidote?”

“Don’t worry. While he was beaten up, it wasn’t about this matter. Jack knew about him and Ben, and he’s found out some things between him and Xena. That’s why.”

Once they entered a private room, Ken sat himself and patted Neil’s shoulder. “Do you want Jack to die much earlier?”

“What kind of question is that?” Neil scoffed. “Of course I want that. I wish that he’s dead right now! I’ve been waiting so long for this day, but now, I’m hopeful! One month… He’ll be six feet under after a month!” Neil’s eyes glimmered with hope.

“I’m glad to hear that. In that case, follow me tomorrow to a place called Sky City…” Ken chuckled and told Neil about how Jack killed Xenos family’s Young Master Quil Xenos of Sky City.

Neil was thrilled when he heard this. “Great! Let’s go early tomorrow. If that’s the case, Jack’s strength would decline. Coupled with the fact that the Xenos family’s masters are rather strong, he’s definitely a goner!”

The two of them enjoyed their drinks to their hearts’ content. The next day, they brought several bodyguards with them and left for Sky City early in the morning.


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