No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0625

Ken was silent for a good few seconds before he took out several hundred dollars and gave it to the passerby. “Thank you for your time, Brother. This is for you to buy cigarettes.”

“Wow, thank you! Thank you, Young Master!” Elated, the man gratefully took the money and walked away.

“Young Master Clark, why do I not understand what’s going on?” Neil looked at Ken, who was in front of him, and prodded, “What should we do now?”

Ken sighed. “What can we do? Everybody in the Xenos family is dead, so we can only return to Eastfield. Jack got lucky this time; he dodged a disaster. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s poisoned. We don’t even have the antidote, and it’ll be too late by the time he notices something is wrong.”

“Yes. It seems that the Xenos family’s young master has offended a King of War. He must’ve been very angry to have dealt such an attack on the Xenos family,” surmised Neil. “He’s ruthless, alright! What we didn’t expect was that this King of War helped out that good-for-nothing Jack.”

Ken also nodded. “This Young Master Xenos should’ve died, though. I heard from Xena that he even kidnapped Fiona and herself, wanting a three-way with them, but Jack managed to get there in time and killed the young master before it happened.”

“Yes. He might’ve offended the Kind of War’s daughter, and people came looking for him after they investigated what happened!”

Everyone then returned to Eastfield, dispirited at the turn of events.

After a discussion between both men, they bought some fruits and decided to visit Ivan when they reached Eastfield.

It was evening when they got to the hospital.

“Young Master Hugo and Young Master Clark, why are you here?” blurted Xena when both men suddenly appeared, walking toward her and Ivan.

“Oh, we’re here to pay Young Master Taylor a visit.” Neil smiled bitterly before sitting down at Ivan’s side. “We went to Sky City today. Regrettably, the Xenos family had offended a King of War from Eastfield, so before we could even look for the Xenos family, the King of War had already sought them out and killed the entire family. We went through all that trouble just to be disappointed.”

“F*ck me… Jack is really f*cking lucky!” Ivan was dumbstruck when he heard this.

“Nevermind. We can only wait it out at this point. We have twenty-eight more days.” Ken was unhappy, still. He planned to count down these 28 days.

Ivan mulled over his thoughts for a while, and a smirk slowly appeared on his face. “Oh, right. Didn’t Jack say that he’d give Selena an extravagant birthday party? Since this guy loves to gloat about that, why don’t we make things difficult for him so he’d stop halfway?”

Ken soon understood what Ivan meant. “Are you saying we should publicize on his behalf, and that it’ll be much better if everyone in town knows about this?”

“That’s right! Young Master Clark’s really smart. You would think of this…” Ivan nodded. “I’ve thought about it, and publicizing this event is possible. However, your copies must be attractive. You can try to employ those aunties and ask them to help send flyers on your behalf. I believe that this would quickly catch everyone’s attention. Still, this is certainly not enough. We still need to advertise the event on the same-city website…”

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