No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0628

Ben was taken aback at this woman’s strong offer, and he had a tight smile on his face. “Nevermind,” he declined. “Even if I do want vengeance, I should be the one to do it.”

“Alright then. I’ve no idea that you still have a backbone!” Elaine then mulled things over and suggested, “If that’s the case, I can help you get stronger whenever you’re free. I’ll train you well and upgrade you, in a sense. What do you think?”

Ben was silent for a short moment before he nodded, a sign of agreement it was. “Sure, I’ll treat it as increasing my physical fitness!”

Back at the residence, Andrew and Fiona walked toward Selena and Jack.

“Selena, where did your brother go? Did Xena really get together with Ivan? We couldn’t sleep at all last night because of this. We’re afraid that your brother might lose his mind and do something foolish!” Fiona frowned, worry written all over her face. “From what I’ve noticed, he didn’t even have breakfast.”

“Don’t worry, Mother,” Selena assured her, an equally convincing smile on her face as she did. “I feel that this is a good thing for him!”

“A good thing? Your brother’s fiancee got together with another man and almost killed him. Our entire family’s worried about him, and you say this is a good thing?” Fiona was speechless; she had no idea why Selena would say something like this.

“Such a woman had never been good enough for my brother. I’ve told him before that Xena’s just a golddigger and that her social connections are rather shady. Apart from that, she had questionable relationships with several people in the motor robbers. It’s just a shame that none of you believed in what I had to say.”

Selena laughed before she added, “Brother has finally grown up. He even went out to sell his car.”

“Sell his car? Why does he want to sell it? That’s a very expensive Rolls-Royce Phantom!” Fiona was getting more stupefied. She did not know what happened to Ben.

“Well, Brother wants to earn a living himself. He wants to sell the car and open an internet cafe…” Selena then explained the situation to Fiona and Andrew. “Jack wanted to give him money to start a business, but he declined Jack’s offer. Doesn’t that sound like he’s so much more mature now?”

“Definitely! This guy has finally matured after such a blow. I hope he can move on from Xena soon.” Andrew nodded in satisfaction, obviously satisfied with Ben’s new mindset.

“I better not meet Xena anymore after this! This girl’s daring enough to bully my son. I’ll slap her so many times if I ever see her again…! She’s gone overboard this time!” fumed Fiona, her hands at her hips as she spoke.

“Mother, I’ve already slapped her. If this isn’t enough to satisfy you, you can slap her all you want the next time you see her!” Selena commented, a small smile on her face as she did.

“Alright, let’s go to work.” Jack smiled, and they soon left in their car to go to work.

Jack eventually reached the Drake family’s residence and walked toward Tanya’s villa.

The last thing he expected was to see Tanya, Yvonne, and Sharon walking out from the villa once he was at the entrance.

Jack was dumbfounded when he saw Sharon. This woman had been visiting a little too frequently these days. She was obviously here for him.

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