No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0629

“Jack, you’re finally here. I missed you so much!” Sharon instantly ran up to Jack and hugged his arm, shaking it as she did.

Jack instantly felt something was wrong. He almost passed out when he turned to look at his side.

Why did Sharon wear a deep V-neck dress for no reason?! It was quite obvious she was trying to seduce him.

More importantly, this woman was doing this on purpose. She practically glued herself against his arm and rubbed against it incessantly. Any other man would fail to hold himself back.

“Really? Why do you miss me?” Jack smiled awkwardly as he tried to push her away gently. He then walked backward and made sure there was a good distance between the two.

“Do I need a reason to miss you?” Blush seared across Sharon’s cheeks.

This was, in fact, Yvonne’s idea; she knew no man did not like this. Since Sharon had explicitly expressed her feelings for Jack, Yvonne thought she could push her to be bolder. She could dress in an exposing way and act exaggeratingly.

Apart from that, Yvonne also told Sharon that she should always be in close proximity with Jack to bring them ‘closer’ together.

“Oh…” Yvonne was speechless when she saw this situation. While she did ask Sharon to be proactive, dress skimpily and get closer to Jack, she never thought Sharon would go overboard and latched onto Jack like that.

“She’s rather proactive. I hope this works!” said the embarrassed Tanya.

Both of them smiled before walking toward Jack.

With her smile still on her face, Tanya began, “Jack, we’re going to the amusement park later. As always, we’ll be bringing only you, and no other bodyguards! Don’t worry, I’ll pay for everything if you accompany me out to play!”

“I’ve never really been to places like that before!” said Jack with a faint smile. “Since Miss Tanya wants to go, then I’ll spend time and accompany the pretty lady!”

“Oh, not bad! I didn’t know that you, an old antique, know how to praise women!” Tanya was rather elated when she heard Jack’s choice of words. Jack praised her as the pretty lady. Did he genuinely feel she was pretty? If that was the case, was there a chance he was harboring a slight infatuation with him?

If Jack knew his nonchalant words caused Tanya—this young and pretty lady—to have unrealistic fantasies, he might be speechless.

“Old antique? Am I that old?” Jack laughed; this was his first time being called as such.

“I mean the way you think. I’m not saying you’re old!” Tanya glanced at Jack secretly. She recalled the time when their lips accidentally met when they were wrestling; his lips on her red ones.

Their lips met not once, but twice. She got very shy whenever she thought of that moment, and her heart would beat so much faster.

Tanya bit her alluring bottom lip and added, “Actually, slightly older men like you are mature and steady men. These men are the most charming!”

It was then when Jack recalled the time when he drank with Yvonne, and at that same time, he saw Yvonne’s abashed face. His expression immediately turned weird.

What happened that day was purely an accident. He had no idea something like that would happen. When he saw Yvonne’s abashed expression, was it possible that she had fallen for him because of what happened that night?

If that was the case, this would be troubling, and Sharon was already making him feel uncomfortable. How could Jack handle it if Yvonne was feeling the same way? Jack suddenly had a bad feeling at this moment!

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