No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0630

“Yes, Tanya. What you say is very true. I feel that he’s charming and manly. I wouldn’t fall for him at first sight if he wasn’t!” It shocked them that Sharon would still go up to Jack—even after he basically tried to get away from her—and look at him like an obsessed fan.

Jack felt like he was slowly losing his mind. “Miss Sharon, you’re a woman. You need to have the reserved attitude of a woman!” This was Tanya’s house, thus he could only give her sound advice instead of chasing her away.

However, it seemed difficult for him to change her mind in such a short time when he saw her proactive ways.

“Really?” Sharon frowned. “Do I need to be reserved? Will you like me if I’m reserved? But didn’t Yvonne say that men like proactive women? She even told me that it’s difficult for men to pursue women, but it’s easier if women pursue men!”

Jack’s face suddenly darkened. “How clever you are, Yvonne Drake. You even taught people how to get into a relationship, huh?”

Flabbergasted, Yvonne sharply turned to Sharon and growled, “Sharon, why are you such a fool? Damn!”

Once she realized what had happened, Sharon sheepishly replied, “Sorry, my bad. I was careless and blurted everything!”

She then quickly added, “I’ll pay for everything later when we go out to play! I’ll pay for food and the amusement park tickets!”

“That’s much better!” Yvonne folded her arms across her chest, inwardly pleased at the offer.

“Let’s go!”

The four of them eventually arrived at the amusement park.

Jack did not think they would see a few aunties handing out flyers once they parked the car and reached the park’s entrance.

“They’re handing out flyers on such a hot day… That must be difficult!” The four of them knew that these people had a difficult job, thus they accepted the flyer without much thought.

Jack thought that this was a flyer about the amusement park’s activities so he merely gave it a once-over.

He was stunned when he actually digested the content.

“What’s going on?” The trio also looked at their flyer once they noticed Jack rooted on the spot.

“Is this for real? Jack, you’re so romantic! Did you design this poster?”

There were some romantic heart-shaped photos on the flyer, and there were words typed in as well.

[Look forward to it! It’s 27 more days to the birthday of Taylor family’s No. 1 beauty, Miss Selena Taylor!]

[The Goddess of War’s savior, Jack White, will hold an extravagant birthday party in 27 more days! We welcome everybody to the party!]

Such were the words written on the flyers.

“I’m so envious of Selena! This is so romantic of Jack! He’s promoting the birthday party like this!” Sharon looked at the flyers and looked at Jack with hearts in her eyes. “Not only are you manly, but you’re a gentle and romantic person too!”


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