No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0633

These park-goers could only look at them from afar.


A man, not far away from where they were, overheard their conversation. This man had several young men and women with him. “Isn’t that Miss Drake?” the man spoke.

He knew it was Tanya the moment he noticed her, and he was startled to see her here. “Tsk, tsk! And it seems Tanya’s not the only one here. The beautiful Yvonne and Miss Sharon are also here. What a sight this is; makes me jealous just looking at it.”

“Really? And who’s that man, Young Master Lowe?” One of his companions, a man from a second-class aristocratic family, asked with a nonchalant smile. “He’s so lucky to be with three such beautiful women.”

Young Master Lowe came from a family that was rather rich. Still, his family was a third-class aristocratic family, thus the only thing he could afford to do was look at Jack’s female companions, even though he liked pretty ladies like Tanya and Yvonne.

He knew there was a chance he would fail should he even tried to pursue these ladies.

After all, these ladies have turned down many young masters without being given a chance.

“Well, this lad has been getting quite the attention lately. This is the person on the flyer!” Young Master Lowe had one of the flyers he received at the entrance in his hands, thus he and his companions discussed it.

They never thought they would meet this person so soon.

“Oh, so this is the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family!” The man suddenly understood what had happened. “F*ck… He’s really lucky with the opposite gender! He’s able to be with beautiful women no matter where he went, and even his wife is a beautiful woman. What a life that must be… If only I was him!”

The man then studied the flyer closely and sourly commented, “Stir the entire town? He’s just a son-in-law who married into the family. Can he actually achieve that?

“I heard that he’s a head commander in the army and had already spent over a hundred million on other things. He shouldn’t have much left with him; probably around tens of millions. Can he genuinely host a party that’ll ‘stir the entire city’? This advertisement should’ve cost him millions since it’s all over the place!”

“My thoughts exactly. I saw several bus stations with this advertisement in the advertisement spaces. They must’ve been put up just recently!”

“He needs to spend lots of money on the advertisements,” blurted a young woman among the company. “How much money has he left for the birthday party?”

“That’s right, that’s absolutely correct. If the aim’s to stir up the entire city, doesn’t it have to be several levels higher than the Old Master Taylor’s seventieth birthday dinner? At the very least, it should be held at a very expensive bar. Old Master Taylor’s birthday dinner wasn’t hosted in an extravagant way, but it did stir up the entire city!” Another man nodded. He felt that Jack was being too much despite not having that much money.

“Let’s not bother too much about this; there’s just a few days left until the party. We’ll go and take a look by then. I want to see how he can stir up the entire city!” Young Master Lowe would be lying if he said he was not being bitter at this point. “He might make a fool out of himself by then. It’d be shameful if this party is poorly held.”

Back to Jack and the young women…

“Let’s go and play the carousel first. There aren’t many people queuing there!” Tanya smiled and looked at Jack as though asking for permission. What she did not know was that they had attracted many envious eyes and hatred for Jack.

Jack, however, kept staring at a middle-aged man with dark glasses and a cap not far away from him. “That man over there seems like trouble.”

The man had a cane at hand that he kept pointing aimlessly on the ground. He seemed to be blind yet was tailing behind a group of good-looking women.

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