No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0635

“That’s right. We saw everything with our own eyes. She gets nothing good for being kind to you guys.” Sharon also walked forward. “How can you all say she’s bullying the blind person when she’s actually helping you?!”

It was then when a man among the crowd studied Sharon carefully before he exclaimed, “Hey, isn’t this the eldest young miss of the George family? I heard that she had turned into a pretty woman. I wouldn’t be able to recognize her if I hadn’t heard her voice. She’s really a pretty lady!”

“This pretty lady must be Miss Tanya then, right?” another man exclaimed. “I was wondering why she seemed so familiar… It’s really Miss Tanya!”

Some other people began to recognize Tanya as well, thus began the exchanged comments about her. They had no idea that they would meet such an important person.

“I believe what Miss Tanya said. Miss Tanya is a member of the Drake family, the daughter of the richest man in Eastfield. Why would she lie to us?” a woman spoke up in Tanya’s defense.

“Yes. I heard that Miss Tanya would always stand up against injustice, and she’s very active in doing charity work. Why would she lie to us?” Several other women also went along with what she said.

The blind man started panicking when he heard his and instantly asserted, “Hey, it’s all a misunderstanding. It’s a misunderstanding! This is just a cane! I can’t even see the road, so how could I have purposely stretched this under a skirt? Even if I stretched the cane under their skirts, that’s just an accident. How could you say that I did it on purpose?!” He paused here before continuing, “Apart from that, I’m blind. If you say that I’m secretly taking photos, why would I take photos? I can’t even see them!”

One of the three men who pushed their way through the crowd immediately said, “Yes, this woman misunderstood him for sure!”

Another man stepped up to the plate. “Young lady, you’re really kind, but how can you wrongly accuse someone else? Being heroically is the right thing to do and proclaiming positive energy isn’t wrong, but accusing someone baselessly is bad!”

The last of the three went to the blind man and spoke, “Hey, Brother. It’s better if you don’t walk around in such hot weather. There’s a slightly cooler place over there. Come, let me take you there.”

“Oh, thank you! So it’s true that there are more kind people than bad ones in this world!” chirped the blind man in a seemingly grateful manner, and this moved many of the onlookers. Indeed, there truly were more kind people in this world.

“What…?” Yvonne was speechless. Was it possible that she and the rest were wrong about him? What this blind person said seemed to make sense. Why would he take photos of other people’s underwear when he was blind? This did not make sense even if he was a pervert.

“Wait!” Just as they were wondering what to do next, Jack pushed his way out from the crowd and stopped the man.

The man supporting the blind man was slightly stunned. He smiled earnestly at Jack. “What is it, Brother? Is there anything you need from us?”

Jack smiled indifferently. “You can’t leave yet because I have unanswered questions. Why would he, a blind man as he claimed, keep stretching his cane under the skirts of girls wearing them? Why didn’t he stretch his cane to those wearing long pants?” Jack chuckled. “Don’t tell me that it’s coincidental!”

The blind man immediately became defensive. “Young man, don’t talk nonsense. I can’t even see, and you’re smearing my name. How would I know what’s going on?”

“So you’re blind, are you? Do you think that you can pretend to be blind by wearing a pair of dark glasses?” Jack laughed and immediately stretched out his hand to take the man’s dark glasses.

Startled, the man’s body jolted at the abrupt move. He then began to move his hands around as though looking for something. “Young man, where are my glasses? Give it back to me! Why do you want to snatch a blind man’s things?!”

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