No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0636

Jack smiled coldly inside when he saw how the blind man behaved. He directly punched toward the person’s nose.

However, Jack punched at a very slow speed this time.

“What are you doing?” The man supporting the blind man immediately caught Jack’s arm. “Not only did you rob a blind man, but you also want to beat him too? It’s unreasonable for you to act this way! You’re too inhumane!”

“if my guesses are correct, it seems like the three of you are working together with him! Am I right?!”

Jack laughed. He slightly waved his hand and got rid of the other party’s hand. He looked at them sharply. “Go on, continue acting!”

The two men immediately walked forward. “Young man, you are going overboard. What nonsense are you talking about? To us, you’re just a crazy person. What are you talking about when you say that we’re a group? It didn’t matter that you bullied a blind man, how dare you smear our name as well?”

“That’s right, hit him!” said the man who caught Jack’s arm earlier.

The three of them immediately surrounded Jack.

However, Jack kicked them and they immediately flew out. They dropped on the ground several meters away and each vomited a mouthful of blood.

“How’s this possible? This man is too strong!” The people surrounding them exclaimed as they were extremely scared.

“It seems like he’s one of the Drake family’s bodyguards. The people of the Drake family are really strong!” A man said.

“So he’s the Drake family’s bodyguard. No wonder he would take action!” Another woman also said.

The blind man turned around to take a look. He was so frightened that his face turned pale while he pointed his cane left and right. He acted calm and pretended as if he knew nothing.

“Ah!” Jack held his hand in a fist and directly punched it at the man.

“Oh god, I’m sorry. Please forgive me!” The blind man’s legs weakened and he knelt in front of Jack when he saw Jack punching at him.

“Aren’t you blind? How do you know that I’m about to punch you?” Jack smiled coldly. His act of pretending to hit the person did cause this blind man to show his true colors. After all, he knew how scary Jack was after seeing how far those three flew after being punched.

“Brother, forgive me! I’m not blind, I’m really not blind!” The man knelt and begged for forgiveness. He obviously dared not continue pretending to be blind.

“Oh my god, they are really a group!” Somebody said angrily after they discovered the truth.

“It seems that we’ve misunderstood the girls. These people are really perverts!”

The girls who the blind man secretly took photos of were extremely frightened. They misunderstood Yvonne earlier and this caused them to immediately feel extremely guilty.

One of them immediately ran over and picked the thin cane up. She looked at the handle and said in surprise, “Oh my god, there’s a button here. There must be a small camera at the bottom.”

Many people surrounded her and after a while, they finally saw a small camera at the bottom part of the cane.

Jack smiled indifferently. He directly stepped on the thigh of the man who pretended to be blind. “Speak, where are the photos you took?”

The man said with a bitter expression on his face. “The photos I took…took are automatically saved inside. There’s an internal memory card inside used to save this!”

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