No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0639

”Green Sky Hall?” Jack thought about it and said, “Fine, you guys can go back first. Go back and tell the people in the Green Sky Hall that I’m going over tomorrow. Today, we have to settle this issue and come up with a good reason. If not, you can’t blame me for any action that I will take!”

“Fine, young man, you were the one who said this. Tomorrow, come to our Green Sky Hall alone and we’ll be waiting for you there!” The man relaxed inwardly. At least, he and his friends could leave right now.

In his eyes, Jack was trying to find a way out when he said that he was going to the Green Sky Hall alone to cause them trouble.

He estimated that Jack was not daring enough to go to the Green Sky Hall alone tomorrow. After all, if he really provoked the Green Sky Hall, that meant that he was provoking the Kingston Hall. Whatever Jack said was to find a way out for himself so that Tanya, who liked to come forward, would not be embarrassed.

After he said those, the three men picked the other man up, whose leg was broken, and quickly left.

“You…you won’t really go tomorrow, right? There’s nothing scary about the Green Sky Hall but if you go there and make things worse, it would be considered as provoking the Kingston Hall!”

Yvonne could not help but remind Jack. “After all, I heard that the head of the Green Sky Hall and the head of the Kingston Hall are relatives. Because of this reason, the Green Sky Hall is developing quickly even though it had just been set up. The head of the Green Sky Hall is an extremely domineering and cunning person!”

Jack nodded after he heard this. “Don’t worry. You guys can ignore this matter. Right now, this is my personal business!”

“Personal business?” Yvonne was embarrassed after she heard this. She was the one who rushed forward to help those young ladies. As a result, she was misunderstood and despised by so many people. Fortunately, Jack stepped in and exposed the other party in time. If not, it would be very difficult for her to do the explanation.

She was quite grateful that Jack took action just now. After all, Jack helped her, if not, it would have been difficult to explain herself.

Now, at least everybody knows that she was innocent.

She had no idea Jack would say that this was his personal matter.

“Don’t worry, Jack is very good. I’m not clear about Kingston Hall but he’s definitely not afraid of this Green Sky hall!” Tanya smiled softly and looked at Jack, who was beside her.

Previously, they hid in the woods outside the city and saw the scary scene with their own eyes. They were 300 masters from the Eagle Clan. Among them was one of the Four Fighters, the baldy.

In the end, Jack only used ten minutes to take out all the opponents.

“Alright, I’m just afraid that something will happen to Jack if he goes alone!” Yvonne was still worried so she said to Tanya. “Tanya, why don’t we tell your father about this and bring more people with us. Even if it’s just a negotiation, it will definitely be much better!”

“Yes, don’t be afraid of them. I’ll go back and tell my father about this too. I will also bring some bodyguards and go with you guys!” Sharon immediately nodded and said.

“I can go alone. You guys don’t need to worry and just enjoy playing. Didn’t you say that you want to play the merry-go-round? Why don’t you go quickly?” Jack smiled bitterly and felt warm in his heart toward the care of these three women.

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