No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0640

”This guy is really one of a kind. I’m worried about him but he seems as if nothing happened!” Sharon pursed her mouth and went to line up in the queue.

“Jack, come over too!” Tanya ran behind Jack and pushed him over when she saw that he did not join them in the queue.

“Uh, it’s fine, you guys go ahead and play by yourself. I feel that this is a children’s game and it’s too childish!” Jack smiled bitterly and was a little helpless.

“Hey, are you calling us childish?” Yvonne turned around and rolled her eyes at Jack. “I don’t care. Since we’re already here today, you need to at least accompany us and play all the games.”

“That’s right! We will let you experience being a child like us for a day!” Tanya also immediately said.

“Jack, listening to your tone. Is it possible that you’ve never been to an amusement park?” Sharon thought and could not help but asked.

Jack smiled bitterly and was slightly lamenting. “Yes, I’ve wanted to come to this place since I was young. However, my family was poor so I could only look from the outside as others played inside. After I grew up, I got too busy with work. I started sending takeaways and later on, I became a soldier. So I’ve never been to such a place,”

“Then this is just right. You can fulfill the regrets you had when you were younger. We have to play every game at least once!” Sharon said with a smile.

“By the way, Jack, where’s your father? Why haven’t we seen him? Why haven’t you mentioned him?” Tanya asked curiously after she thought about it.

Jack’s face darkened when he heard this. He said with a darkened expression, “Think of him as if he’s dead. I don’t have a father…”

Tanya and Yvonne met each other’s eyes and they stopped talking about this matter. They could see that Jack was not only angry when he mentioned his father, he had hatred in his eyes.

They did not understand what happened to Jack previously that caused him to have such hatred toward his father.

“Go, it’s our turn!” They immediately changed the subject when they saw that the door had opened and they could go to play the merry-go-round.

The three beauties took Jack and they played many games before reaching the ghost house.

“Let’s go, we can go back now!”

Tanya said with a slight smile. “We’ve played everything!”

“Yes, we can leave now as it’s not early!” Sharon also said with a smile.

“Wait, didn’t you guys say that we’re playing everything for at least once?”

Jack could not help but smile when he saw this situation. He pointed at the ghost house in front of them. “You guys haven’t played this?”

“Let’s just let go of this. There’s nothing fun about this!” Tanya said with a smile.

“Yes, it’s really scary even when you listen to the voice outside. This is not fun, let’s go!” Sharon was also embarrassed.

“I think that the both of you are too timid and you dare not go in!” Jack laughed. “I had no idea that you guys were daring enough to ride roller coasters but not the ghost house!”

“I really want to play but I come with Tanya every time I’m here. She’s not daring enough to play this and how meaningless it is for me to play alone!” Yvonne looked forward to it.

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