No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0646


Tiger’s wife was scared to death, her face turned pale and she cautiously stepped backward. “Don’t mess around with me! I’ve already told you, if my husband finds out about this, he will really murder you!”

“That is hilarious. Your boyfriend looks so soft, even if he had ten lives he still would not muster up the courage to do anything to us.”

The man with the buzz cut started roaring in laughter. He continued, “Then tell me, how do you plan on compensating me? I’m starting to feel a stomachache. I want you to accompany me to the toilet and relieve my stomachache. Otherwise, give me two hundred thousand and I’ll consider my medical bills paid!”

“Two hundred thousand!”

Tiger’s wife heard the exorbitant sum and took in a deep breath. She knew that they did not have enough money. They could not afford to pay off these bastards. These bastards also had an insatiable appetite for bullying them-even if she did give him two hundred thousand this round, she feared that there would be an even bigger sum demanded from them in the future.

“What now? Don’t you have the money? Well, if you don’t have the money, then you should compensate me with your body!”

“Don’t worry, your husband isn’t here. I won’t tell him!”

The man with the buzz cut laughed gleefully, and approached Tiger’s wife, getting ready to drag her off and do his bidding.

She retreated backward and yelled, “No! No! The hair you found in the peanuts belongs to you! Tiger and I have really long hair. The hair you found is really short and the length is consistent with the length of your hair. It’s so obvious that you’re just finding fault and making our lives hard!”

“what proof do you have to say that the hair is mine? I don’t care. The fact that I found hair in my food is enough to hold you accountable. Otherwise, I will spread the word around that your food is unsafe and unhygienic!”

The man with the buzz cut roared with laughter and as she was caught completely off guard, he stepped forward and tightly embraced her.

“Let me go, you bastard!”

Tiger’s wife struggled against his grip. He had her in a deadlock and was about to drag her to the bathroom.

“Let her go!”

At this moment, a loud roar came from the doorway. Tiger rushed in with fury with Jack following in his trail.

The group of gangsters saw that Tiger had arrived and all stood up, looking at him like they were tigers themselves, getting ready to play with their prey.

“Oh, you’re back!”

The man with the buzz cut let Tiger’s wife go and laughed cooly. He said, “Since you’ve returned, compensate me with two hundred thousand now. If not, we’ve all lost our patience and we plan to trash this place!”

Jack heard this and laughed cooly. “Oh, trash this place?” he said. “If you guys don’t value your lives, try it!”

“Hey, looks like this eager beaver is getting ready for revenge. He even found himself a little helper!”

The man with the buzz cut laughed, “However…you only brought one man? Is he going to be enough?”

“You all want money? Come outside and fight me. If you all can win me at this fight, forget about two hundred thousand. We can give you two million!” Jack continued, “But, if you all can’t win this fight, then just admit your unlucky fate. Compensate my brother for a million in damages. You all have not only affected his business these past few days. You have even caused him emotional distress. I believe this is a small sum that you guys can afford!”

“Hey, what a big mouth!”

The man with the buzz cut laughed cooly and said, “Alright, let’s go outside. I don’t believe that my entire gang cannot defeat you. If you lose, give us two million. If we lose, we’ll give you one million!”

The gangsters were getting riled up at this exchange. They felt that this guy before them was eagerly rushing to prove himself. There were so many of them. From a number perspective, it was impossible for one man to be able to defeat all of them. Even if they lose, the compensation would only be one million. There was much more to be gained in the two million that they could possibly get. They thought that the odds were definitely stacked in their favor! What a deal they could not refuse!

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