No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0647

The group of men gathered at the entrance of the restaurant and surrounded Jack very quickly.

Tiger knew what Jack was capable of and did not feel worried at all. His wife, however, was a little worried. She asked, “Tiger, can he take on so many men? Should we just pay off these men? Otherwise, they will still come and bother us after your big brother leaves us.”

“Don’t worry, my big brother knows what to do. He only needs to show up once, they will think twice before messing with us in the future!” Tiger had full faith in Jack.

“Kid, do you even have that much money? Don’t just be blowing your trumpet!” The man with the buzz cut cracked his knuckles and asked Jack while cracking his knuckles.

His only worry was that Jack was blowing his own trumpet and would not be able to provide the money later.

“Shouldn’t you guys be worried about this?” Jack said nonchalantly. He continued, “I don’t even need to lift a finger to defeat you guys!”

“you really like to talk big huh. You think you can defeat us without lifting a finger? I’m afraid you’re taking on more than you can chew!”

The man with the buzz cut laughed and said, “If you are really capable of this, I will kneel before you and call you my grandfather!”

“Don’t regret your words later!” Jack retorted.

The man with the buzz cut was getting excited. He felt that this fool before him was too silly. If the kid was not going to even lift a finger, they would be able to take him on even faster.

“Go! F**k, you three go and get him! I want to see how he can defeat us without lifting a finger!”

The man with the buzz cut held back his group of men and wanted to get a taste of what Jack was capable of. He wanted to call Jack’s bluff and only asked three men to take him on.

“Ah!” Three men rushed toward Jack.

Jack jumped and made three flying kicks. One by one, the men flew several feet away and fell onto the floor in pain.

“No way!” The man with the buzz cut look dumbfounded at the scene before him. He thought, ‘Looks like this kid has got some game, he can take on three men!’

“F**k, let’s all go! Surround him from all four corners, let me see how he can take us on now!” The man with the buzz cut gave his orders after some thought.

It was obvious that this rascal was not stupid. Jack was not using his hands and the group of men was surrounding him. This time, it won’t be so easy for Jack.

All the men who rushed forward were lying on the floor in pain. They were either clutching onto their chests or stomachs, each with twisted expressions of pain on their faces.

“So what now? Since you all have lost, time to pay up!” Jack laughed cooly and said, “Don’t tell me you can’t even afford a million!”

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