No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0648

“Ouch, Motherf*cker, it’s so painful!”

The man with the buzz cut was lying on the floor with blood sprouting from the corner of his mouth. He groaned on and on. He really could not believe that there was such a master fighter on earth. The attacks were coming at him so fast that he could not even see where the kicks began. The only thing he remembered was feeling a kick on his chest and that his bum had fallen right on the floor.

“Impossible!” The boss of the restaurant next door had witnessed the exchange and thought Jack had a death wish to challenge the gangsters. Now, the scene that had unraveled before him scared him to death instead. He could not have imagined Tiger would be able to find such a powerful man to help him out.

However, he quickly thought with a cool grin, ‘Hmph, kid, you may think you got them now. This group of gangster is not your average gangster. You don’t know who is backing them. A kid like you can’t afford to offend this gang. I will just silently observe today!’

“Kid, don’t you be demanding. You’ve already beaten us to a pulp. Now, you’re demanding money from us? How illogical of you!”

Moments later, the man with the buzz cut had recovered a little and finally got up off the ground together with his men.

“ didn’t you guys promise earlier? It’s not just about the money. Don’t forget you all have to kneel and call me your grandfather.” Jack laughingly reminded the group.

“Kid, we’re not your average joes. We can consider ourselves unlucky and return your money. However, forget about us kneeling before you and calling you our grandfather. You would be stripping us of our dignity and honor-how will we continue to make a living if we do that?” the man with the buzz cut said after some thought.

“Oh, how can you men just go back on your words so carelessly? I want you to give me the money, kneel and call me grandfather-that was what you promised!”

Jack laughed and continued, “Plus, I don’t really care who is behind you or which forces are backing you. If you offend me, I will make sure to give your backers a hard time!”

The corner of the man’s mouth twitched slightly and said, “Think carefully before you demand that, don’t regret your actions later. We’re the men of Green Hall!”

“Green Hall” Jack furrowed his brow. “What a coincidence!” he thought. He was about to swing by Green Hall for a visit tomorrow. He could not believe his fate that he had met these gangsters from Green Hall today.

Seeing Jack momentarily stunned, the man with the buzz cut gleefully said, “kid. Looks like even you have heard of the prowess of the men at Green Hall? We have hundreds of men and hundreds of proficient fighters. You can fight them off slowly yourself. You may think you’re good now, but you can’t be unafraid of Green Hall!”

Having said this, he even puffed up his chest and folded his hands. He haughtily continued, “Kid, if you’re feeling regretful, just admit your mistakes and apologize. We won’t hold you accountable or pursue the matter further. Seeing as you’re a good fighter too, let’s just forget everything that has happened today.”

“Hey, you’re really cocky!” Jack laughed cooly. “You think I’ll drop this just because of the two words ‘Green Hall’? Have you guys not come to your senses yet?”

Jack’s mood darkened, “I’ll give you ten minutes. Bring me a million dollars. Otherwise, prepare to lie down completely!”

“Kid, are you being serious right now?” The man with the buzz cut gulped. “Do you know how powerful the forces behind Green Hall are? We are backed by Kingston Hall!”

“I don’t care, give me the money!” Jack had no fear and asked for the money relentlessly.

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