No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0651

Besides, his restaurant made losses every day, and he himself felt that he needed to shut it down soon. So long as Jack did not try to blackmail him of more than ten million dollars, everything would be fine and dandy!

“Alright, then. Just get out of here!”

Jack waved his hand and took out a White-Sand cigarette, lighting it slowly.

“Okay, okay. I’ll scram!”

The boss of the restaurant immediately darted out of the place as if he would die within the next second of remaining there.

“Big Bro, thank you so much. We wouldn’t know what to do if it weren’t for you!”

Tiger looked at Jack after the boss left, his eyes red. “And my wife would probably have been bullied by those vagrants if you hadn’t come over with me.”

Tiger was feeling extremely lucky—lucky that he had thought of Jack and managed to bring him here. Otherwise, he would not have been able to beat those guys.

Furthermore, that man called Brother Luca would probably have taken advantage of his wife.

“Just call me if you need anything!” Jack chuckled.

“Let’s go, Big Bro. Let’s go drink a few rounds!”

Tiger flashed a straightforward smile. “You just made someone give me more than nine hundred thousand dollars this time. I’ve yet to recover from the shock!”

“Don’t sweat it. Just go and open your business in peace. They won’t cause you any more trouble!”

Jack took a drag from his cigarette before he added, “On the contrary, I’m the one who’ll be causing them trouble tomorrow. I need to see if they’ve learned their lesson so I’m not going for a drink. I need to return home. It’s getting late.”

“All right then. Let’s drink sometime soon!” Tiger nodded, seeing Jack off as the latter drove away.

“Tiger, this Big Bro of yours is amazing! He’s not any regular veteran, is he?”

Tiger’s wife could not help but comment after Jack left. “His fighting prowess and aura aren’t like a regular person’s!”

“He saved the Goddess of War’s life before, and he’s pretty good friends with her. He wouldn’t be so fearless before the people from Kingston Hall otherwise!”

Tiger smiled. “I never expected that he would become such a man in five years. I heard that he was promoted to the rank of Head Commander. But to me, he’ll always be better than a God of War!”


His wife immediately scanned their surroundings, fearful. “Don’t say such things. How can you spew such nonsense? Saying that he’s stronger than a God of War? What if a God of War heard you? They wouldn’t be happy, and they’re so terrifying. People practically worship the ground they stand upon. Your Bro is strong, but he can’t compare to a God of War!”

“All right. I get it. Let’s go. I don’t think we’ll be getting much business tonight. Let’s close up shop and go back home to see Dad and Mom and our son!

“We’ll wait until tomorrow when there aren’t any rascals disturbing us. I believe our business will start to pick up!” Tiger clenched his fist, speaking confidently.

Jack quickly drove back to the villa.

After he parked the car, he noticed a Volkswagen parked right beside him.

A small smile lit up Jack’s face as he studied the new car. It seemed that Ben had truly grown up. This was a good thing to him.

However, he also believed that Ben had suffered plenty of emotional trauma. Jack would not forgive what Ivan and Xena had done so easily.

He wanted to let them know that everything they had done today was incredibly and utterly foolish.

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