No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0653

Selena did not know whether to laugh or cry. Ivan and Xena would probably stab themselves in the throat if they knew what Jack was thinking right now. Of course, they probably would not have advertised the event just like that if they had known that Jack cured himself of the poison.

“But this is just my birthday. No need to kick up such a fuss over this. That advertisement probably caused a real shock for everyone, claiming that the bash will be the ultimate talk of the town for years to come. They even made a countdown. My God, we’ll probably be the butt of plenty of jokes if the party is too…normal!” Selena voiced her concerns after she thought about it.

“It’s not just expensive food that will make the event grand.”

Jack wrapped his arms around Selena, giving her a warm smile. “Don’t worry. Just relax. Trust me to handle this!”


Selena pursed her flushed lips, then spoke bashfully. “Go and take a shower. We’ll go down to eat after that. They’re making the prawn that you like.”

“You really know me well. You already know what I like to eat only after a month of my return!”

Jack studied the beauty before him. He could not help but place a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Daddy kissed Mommy. I’m going to have younger brothers and sisters!”

They were not aware that Kylie had slyly opened the door and poked her head inside the room. She clapped a hand over her mouth and chuckled when she saw this.


Selena jumped from shock and immediately shoved Jack away, rolling her eyes at him flirtatiously. “Seriously? Why didn’t you close the door?”

Jack gave her a bitter smile. “I never thought that our little girl would come in at this time.”

“Let’s go down, Kylie. Don’t speak such nonsense, too! You’re more than enough for us.”

Selena walked over and carried Kylie, ready to head down with her cheeks colored red.

“You can’t do this, dear. We need another child. Kylie will be lonely otherwise!” Jack quickly reminded her after he realized it. As for Selena, who had already walked to the door, the tips of ears were already flaring pink.

He did not expect her to cast a bashful glance over her shoulder after she stepped out of the room. She gave him a look that was not unlike a teenage girl experiencing her first love. “Fine. If you can cause a stir throughout the city during my birthday and make me feel like I’m the happiest woman in the world, I’ll agree to have another child. But that won’t happen if you don’t make me feel super, super touched, and happy!”

“I guarantee you’ll be satisfied!”

Jack burst into laughter. He knew that Selena was already satisfied with their lives now. She was teasing him on purpose.

After he finished showering and eating, Jack hugged Selena to sleep.

At this moment, a group of vagrants arrived before the headquarters of the Green Sky Hall. “Sir, you have to help us! Brother–brother Luca has been beaten up, so badly that his balls have been destroyed and his face rearranged. He’s in the hospital now!” a man threw himself at the feet of a middle-aged man, pleading pitifully.

The corners of the middle-aged man’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard that. “F*ck. What’s with all the commotion today? Spit it out! What happened?”

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