No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0655

“Really? He must have spent a lot of money. Does he really have that much money to splash around? Or perhaps the old master of the Taylor family will be giving him money to celebrate Young Miss Taylor’s birthday?”

Hector frowned. “Probably not. He said that it’d be shameful to use the Taylor family’s money. Besides, he’s just a son-in-law. No one would be so nice to someone like that.”

“Mmhmm. Let’s just prepare for tomorrow first!”

The elder spoke after a moment of contemplation. “If he comes alone and acts rudely, it’s possible for us to kill him off. No one can pinpoint the murder to us if the body disappears. If we say that he never came, the Gods of War wouldn’t just destroy the entire gang for his sake.”

Hector nodded. “You’re right. That man saved the Goddess of War, but he was probably a doctor in the army so it was his duty to save lives. Besides, the Goddess of War boosted his reputation aplenty during Old Man Taylor’s birthday party. She doesn’t owe him anything anymore. If we do kill him and pretend to not know anything, the most the Goddess of War will probably do is to pretend to interrogate us!”

The next day, a group of people waited in the huge garden right after the Green Sky Hall’s entrance. They wanted to see if the bodyguard from the Drake family and the man who bellowed about coming to claim the 50 thousand dollars would actually come.

Jack parked the car at the entrance. He walked straight in when he noticed that there was no one there.

Two muscled bodies immediately blocked him after he took a few steps into the garden.

One of them spoke in a rumbly, intimidating voice, “Are you the son-in-law from the Taylor family?”

Jack nodded. “Get out of my way. I came here to talk with your master. I don’t want to waste my time with you!”

“Quite crude, eh?”

The other man clenched his fists. “You can’t just see the master of the Green Sky Hall whenever you like,” he said viciously. “You’ll have to follow our procedures if you want to see him. Defeat the both of us first. Only then, do you have the right to see him!”

Hector and a number of the Green Sky Hall’s men watched the exchange from a distance. Quite a few of them had frosty smiles creeping up their lips. They wanted to see how strong this son-in-law from the Taylor family was.

After all, these two were not just any muscle-bound fighters, but they were two excellent fighters from the Green Sky Hall. Even some Head Commanders could not match up to them. Furthermore, it was two against one.

That was why they thought it would be difficult for Jack to take them on if he did not have the strength of a major, in the least.

Jack flashed a cold smile, not giving a sh*t about them. “What a load of rules and regulations! Since I have to follow them, let’s go!”

After he said that, he gently slapped a hand on the other man’s stomach, the movement a blur.

It looked like a casual slap. Yet, that huge man was flung backward, his limbs flailing. He flew for a few good meters before he finally crashed onto the ground. Blood spurted out of his mouth and his expression was contorted.


The other man was already throwing a punch at Jack. Jack was fast—terrifyingly fast. However, during the exact moment he attacked the other man, a gigantic fist came straight towards his head.

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