No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0658

“I know you want to kill me, but I won’t let you!”

Jack flashed a cold smile when he heard that. If this old woman from the Green Sky Hall did not act too brashly, he would not destroy her straight away either.

After all, Kingston Hall was behind the Green Sky Hall.

It was not because Jack was afraid of Kingston Hall. Tanya, Yvonne, and Sharon knew about the incident today. It would create a huge hoo-hah if Kingston Hall was completely destroyed. Many people would probably doubt his identity.

He would not be able to live the peaceful life that he had now.

After all, Kingston Hall was the most powerful underground organization in Eastfield and the strongest among the gangs. They did not fear the presence of the Drake family at all.

“Really? You’re speaking as though you can kill when and wherever you please!”

The old woman felt like she was being belittled. She was just old, but her strength was unmatched by a regular person.

She took one step forward. The cane in her hands suddenly whipped toward Jack in a vicious arc; a frosty, murderous intent filled her eyes.

It looked like a normal ebony cane, but at that moment, it resembled a sharpened sword, slashing forward at a blinding speed. With that sudden thrust, Jack did not have an inkling of doubt that a normal person would already have a hole carved into their chest.

That was because Jack had heard the subtle echo of a supersonic boom from that thrust.

“So fast!”

Jack was shocked. He really did not expect the old woman to be so dexterous. If he had not gone to war, he would have been completely terrified by her.

“Hmph. Scared now, aren’t you? Is your life flashing before your eyes? Don’t underestimate me just because I’m old. Those two huge goons from before can’t match my strength!”

Delight crept over the old woman’s expression when she heard Jack gasp.

The tip of her cane was extremely sharp. Jack did not have the time to dodge.

Yet at this moment, Jack dazzled her eyes. His entire body seemed to meld into the shadows as he sidestepped her attack in a flash. He appeared right beside her.

“No way. You dodged that?”

The old woman took a sharp breath. She was utterly stupefied. She suspected that she must have imagined it.

She knew that Jack was strong after having watched him defeat those two men without breaking a sweat. However, she never expected him to be far stronger than she had imagined.

She seriously suspected that only a King of War could have that kind of speed, based on the fighting strength within the military ranks.

Jack dodged the attack. The old woman’s cane pierced straight into a wooden pillar behind him.

This was a small pavilion that was held up by four wooden pillars.

No one expected that such a huge pillar would have a hole carved straight through it. The cane had struck through the entire pillar.

“That cane is made out of fantastic stuff!”

Jack gave a wan smile when he saw that.


The old woman was so frustrated that she missed her mark. She felt embarrassed.

She released a huff and jerked her arm. That wooden pillar crumbled, allowing her to loosen her cane from the hole.

The pillar held for three seconds, then it toppled onto the ground in a resounding crash. The entire pavilion went down with it.

At that moment, the old woman attacked Jack again.

However, Jack did not dodge her attack this time. Instead, he grabbed the cane with a quick sweep of his arm, and a powerful force rippled along the length of the cane.

The old woman did not reveal a sliver of panic when Jack caught her cane. She still believed that Jack was not as strong as her.

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