No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0659

Nonetheless, she never thought that the force from that causal sweep of Jack’s arm could be so deadly and powerful that it ruptured the end of the cane she was holding. The incredible force streaked through her hand, causing it to tremble uncontrollably as she struggled to hold the cane.


The old woman stumbled back a few steps and her right hand was trembling unruly. She gazed at Jack with her eyes full of terror and respect at the same time.

Jack’s strength was impressive and his speed was as fast as lightning. She even sensed that Jack was having fun with her and that he must not have shown his true strength—the powerful strength that was hidden perfectly.

“Hmmm? What now? Giving up?” Jack flashed her a small smile and said in an indifferent voice.

“Jesus Christ! Isn’t this kiddo too powerful? He’s even able to take away Elder Castellano’s cane!” a spectator from the crowd could not hold back a loud gasp. The battle between Jack and Elder Castellano was truly eye-opening.

“No way! Don’t tell me Elder Castellano can’t defeat this retired soldier?”

Some of them had their foreheads pressed together as they expressed their doubts.

After all, they had never seen Elder Castellano defeated in a fight before.

The corners of the old woman’s mouth twitched involuntarily. At the same time, she was hesitant to admit defeat. If she surrendered now, she would surely become a laughingstock in front of the Green Sky Hall. If she tried again—harder and fiercer—there might be hope for her to win.

“Kiddo, it’s either you or me in the coffin today!”

With her teeth gritted tightly, the old woman charged toward Jack again at lighting speed, switching positions several times in the hopes of trying to confuse and get close to Jack.

“Your cane’s in my hand. I must say, you’re quite bold to come at me without any weapon!”

Jack sneered frostily. With the cane in his hand, he swung it at his opponent before she could even come near him as though he was using the cane to beat a dog. The cane hit the old woman’s arms and thighs several times in a row.

“Ouch! Ow!” The old woman jumped from the pain as if she were a monkey in the circus. Her body curled slightly.

“You win! You win!”

Finally, she yelled her defeat. Every movement sent ripples of pain through the old woman’s arms and legs.

Jack stopped at last. The old granny scanned her body and there were many fresh and insidious bruises caused by the strokes of the cane. Although Jack did not use too much force, and all the injuries were merely bruises on the surface, the pain was searing and indescribable.

“Now, do you think I’m able to kill you?” Jack stared at the old woman without any remorse but a faint yet callous smile on his face.

The old woman felt even more embarrassed. For the first time in her life, she felt that she had been beaten until she could not even counterattack. She lifted her head, staring straight into Jack’s eyes, her voice cold, “Give me back my cane! I know I’m not your opponent at all. Kiddo, you’re young yet powerful!”

“I don’t think it has anything to do with age!” Jack chortled as he threw the cane away casually. It landed right in front of the other party.

“Ahem! Mr. Jack, a moment ago you mentioned that as long as we deleted all the backups and we ceased this business immediately, you’d leave us alone?”

Hector, blending in with the other spectators on the side, was stunned by Jack’s strength. Jack’s combat prowess was truly astounding! Now, Hector had no other choice, but to put on the warmest smile on his face so that he could look amiable in front of Jack.

“Yup, that’s right!” Jack bobbed his head.

“Alright! I admire you a lot. It’s a deal then!”

Hector immediately agreed to his demand. There was no other way after all. Besides, he did not want to make a big fuss about it. Although there was Kingston Hall behind them, if Jack was truly pissed off, it was highly possible that today would be their last day on the earth.

Moreover, Jack was not just a ‘good’ fighter, but the finest and the greatest. Even if Kingston Hall knew about the episode, they would not dare to provoke him, too, given that his fighting prowess was that outstanding. Even if Kingston Hall were to win in a fight with Jack, the losses would be acute and unbearable.

“Hmmm. Well. That’s all, then!”

Jack smiled lightly and then continued, “Now, let’s talk about another thing!”

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