No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0660

Hector had assumed that it would be enough if he agreed to Jack’s demand and that the other man would think about leaving them alone.

He truly never expected Jack to bring up another issue.

Jack observed the people around him and noticed that the men that had followed Brother Luca from yesterday were not around. He surmised that they had gone to the hospital to see their injured comrade.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you want money, after all?” Hector spoke with a cold smile.

“I really am going to ask for money!”

Jack chuckled. “Your men owe me fifty thousand dollars. They couldn’t even cough up a million yesterday. How shameful!”

“You beat up Brother Luca, too?”

Hector’s expression darkened. He nearly fainted from anger. He had been thinking that he was truly unlucky today, to have met such a tough, fearless warrior. He planned to properly torture the fellow who had bullied Luca, ensuring his death.

He never thought that Jack was the same man who Brother Luca and the others had provoked. When it rained, it truly poured. They provoked the same fellow on both occasions.

“That’s right. Isn’t it a coincidence?”

Jack flashed a cold smile. “Not only do you have to give me fifty thousand dollars, but you’ll also have to order your subordinates to not give my brother any trouble. I won’t settle for cash otherwise!”

“Aren’t you pushing it, Jack?”

Hector flashed a bitter smile. “You wanted a million dollars, so my subordinates scrounged everything they had in their pockets to pay you nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Do you really have to ask for the remaining fifty thousand?”

Jack’s expression was nonchalant. “What a stupid question. Just pay the amount that we agreed upon.”

“Fine. I’ll just take this as a stroke of misfortune!”

Hector’s expression hardened and he was displeased, but he nodded at the middle-aged woman beside him anyway.

The woman walked towards Jack and took out her phone. “Give me your bank account number. I’ll transfer the money immediately.”

“Now we’re talking!”

Jack did not hesitate to give his account number to her.

What he did not expect was immediately receiving a notification from the bank after he gave his account number.

“So fast?” Jack frowned and looked at her.

“I haven’t even keyed in the amount yet!”

The woman stared at him, perplexed.

Jack opened the message and was taken aback. After he read it, he realized that it was a bank transfer of more than 170 billion dollars.

“Oh, it was from someone else!”

Jack flashed a pained smile, finally responding. He had asked Skyler to help get rid of the Xenos family in Sky City and to sell off the assets and shares that they had. They donated some of the profit and divided the rest between themselves, 50-50.

He never thought that there would be so much money left even after dividing the portion.


The middle-aged woman furrowed her brow, suspicion twinging in her. It could not be a coincidence, right? Unless this guy was merely playing dumb?

However, it had nothing to do with her. She keyed in the PIN and quickly transferred 50 thousand dollars to Jack’s account.

At this moment, Jack’s phone rang.


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