No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0661

Jack switched his focus to his phone. ‘Skyler Celestino’ appeared on the screen.

“Hey, Skyler Celestino!” Jack uttered casually after picking up the call.

“yeah! According to the ratio you told me, you’ll be getting a hundred and seventy billion dollars for your part. You should’ve received it by now, right? What a steal. Not only did I fix my itch to fight, but I also made a big profit out of it.” Skyler’s manly voice rang from the phone.

“Yup, I got the money. I’ve got some errands to run, so I’ll hang up now!” Jack ended the call in the next second.

The woman before him was standing nearby, and Skyler’s voice was not particularly soft on the other end of the call as well. Jack was not sure if the other party had heard any part of the conversation.

At this time, Hector approached the two and uttered, “Jack, I heard that you’re a bodyguard of the Drake family, right?”

Jack had already outstretched his leg and was about to leave the place. He did not expect such a question to pop out of Hector’s mouth. He nodded in conformity with the question, “Yes, what’s the matter?”

“I heard that they pay you twenty million dollars a month. I find that you’re a gifted talent, after watching you and my men trying out each other. I really admire you for your skills!” Hector answered with a gentle smile.

“That’s right! Master Hector is right! Jack, we’ve heard your big name a long time ago. Your talent will be gone into the drain if you continue to stay with the Drake family,” the elder—who was standing next to Hector—leaned forward and echoed.

“I’d pay you a hundred million a month, how about that? Work with me and help me expand Sky Green Hall. I truly believe that if we work together, it’d be impossible for the Sky Green Hall not to grow in the future!”

Hector stretched out his finger, gesturing the number ‘one’. His expression turned solemn and firm.

“A hundred million dollars. It’s indeed quite a lot!”

Jack’s pallor remained calm and plain. “However, I don’t want to work with snobs like you. Forget it! Just coming to this place has wasted a lot of my precious time. I need to go to the Drakes to work now!”

In the next second, Jack strode toward the gate without turning his head once.

Hector’s right index finger was still mid-air. He stayed frozen as though the conversation was a deadly lightning bolt that struck his brain. Many have said that if one person was offered double of what he was earning, that person would take it without thinking twice. He, himself, had offered Jack five times his previous salary, and yet this punk did not even blink an eye and walked away.

Moreover, the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice were filled with disdain and contempt, as if 100 million dollars was nothing but stacks of waste paper in his eyes.

“What the f*ck? Is this brat an idiot? He turned down a hundred million a month? I swear that there’s no salary higher than this in Eastfield!”

A guy could not help but sigh at the scene before him. If he were offered such a salary, even if it were not 100 million per month but per year, he would be smiling all year long, even when he was sleeping.

“Yeah! What an idiot! He must be an idiot!” another guy chimed in, laughing aloud. “A hundred million a month, and he just walked away? Instead, he went to work for a job of twenty million a month. What’s wrong with this brat?”

“Perhaps this punk’s drooling over Miss Tanya or Miss Yvonne. After all, the only thing this guy doesn’t lack is money. Since he’s not short of money, he’s probably after the two beauties! That must be the case!”

Another man was hypothesizing the situation. He narrowed his eyes and scratched his chin.

The middle-aged woman from before gazed at Hector before slowly opening her mouth, “Master Hector, when Jack answered his phone a while ago, I think I heard something!”

“Oh? Really? You were standing very close to him just now, what did you hear?”

Hector was no fool. He believed in his subordinates. If his people took the initiative to come forward to report something, that something must be valuable and worth taking note of.

“The person who called Jack, I think his name is Skyler Celestino. I vaguely heard the other party mentioning that a hundred seventy billion dollars was transferred to Jack’s account. He asked Jack if he had received it,” the middle-aged woman said hesitantly, her face scrunched up.


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