No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0663

“That mother*cker is really f*cking smart! We were almost fooled by him!” one of the injured bulky men slapped his thigh and shouted.

“This man is more cunning than a fox!” a middle-aged man chimed in, wearing a bitter smile. He then continued, “He’s afraid that we might continue looking for trouble and just let him off temporarily. That’s why he kept this wild card in his hand, so he could leave the place. Otherwise, how could the call be so coincidental? How could the call come in right as we were about to transfer the money to him?”

After hearing everyone’s detailed analysis, Hector bobbed in agreement. That b*stard had almost deceived him!

He turned his gaze to the elder and said, “Elder Ward, I’m thankful for your wit and wisdom. Fortunately, he revealed himself by saying some ridiculous amount of money—a hundred seventy billion. If he had said a hundred or two hundred million, we would’ve fallen for his trap.”

The sound of praise entered the elder’s ears and lifted his mood. With his hands behind his back, he slowly said, “I can only comment that this fool has over bragged. His plan would’ve been perfect if the sum of money was lesser. He would’ve scared the wits out of us! But, the more he tried to scare us away, the more mistakes he made. It has become crystal clear that he’s actually afraid of us in his heart.” With a prideful tone in his voice, he continued, “He didn’t come here today to stir up trouble. If he really wanted to, he wouldn’t have been merciful to Elder Castellano and the two during the fight!”

“Yes, you’re right! This guy is as sly as a fox! Such a delicate plan!”

The old granny—Elder Castellano—nodded in agreement. “I only suffered surface injuries on my body. This guy can control his strength and power very well. It seems that he truly is afraid. He must’ve come today due to yesterday’s episode—he was showing off in front of Miss Tanya and Miss Yvonne, pretending to be all tough and powerful. Hence, he mustered up the courage today to come to warn us just to complete his bragging show. Secondly, he’s afraid that our men would continue to find trouble with his brother—Tiger!”

“Yep!” Hector nodded to agree. “Anyway, judging from his combat prowess, I guess I’m not on par with him. Plus, he’s clever and witty. He’s definitely not someone we should provoke. Let’s try not to offend him!”


Elder Ward’s forehead creased, and after a moment of silence, he enunciated, “Master Hector, some of the photos that we took are for several domestic websites, and some are for the overseas markets, which are our primary market as well. If we were to follow what the brat had asked of us, we’ll make a lot less profit and the other parties may not agree to it!”

“Yes. The loss will indeed be quite huge. I estimate at least a hundred million dollars would be lost in a month!”

Hector clenched his fists firmly at the thought. “Dammit! This is a low-cost but high-yield business! Now, it’s all ruined by the b*stard Jack. If we stopped it, the losses would be huge!”

“That’s right! If the parties who work with us in the overseas market don’t agree with it, I’m afraid that they might create trouble for us. Besides, we’re not known by the authority and power behind them. It would be fortunate for us if they let us compensate for their losses!”

Elder Ward’s face morphed into one of solemn soreness. “We can stop causing trouble for Jack’s brother. As for the matter of not taking pictures, it’ll be a great loss for us!”

Hector flashed them a wan smile, his teeth gritted tightly. “But you saw it yourself, too. He is too powerful for us to offend. None of our men can kill him! We’ll call it luck that he decided to spare our lives. Even I, myself, am not his opponent, and I don’t think those skilled fighters from Kingston Hall are at the same level as him! Our best bet is to do as we were told!”

Hector shut his mouth for a moment and then continued, “I’m the master of the Green Sky Hall. I can’t go back on my own words! If word gets out that I’m an untrustworthy person, where should I hide then?”

The elder heaved a deep sigh. “This problem, hard to solve. What if you tried talking to someone from Kingston Hall?”

Hector presented the elder with a dry smile in return. “That’s a no-no! My elder brother doesn’t like me being involved in this business. I do it behind his back. So, you tell me, how can I talk to him about this?”

He remained silent for a while after he spoke, and then he uttered again, “We will trade the photos that we took this month. After all, tomorrow’s the trading day. We’ll do the trading privately and Jack won’t know of it. As for next month, let’s think about that next time!”

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