No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0664

Meanwhile, at the Drake’s residence…

Three beauties were casually strolling in the ample garden of the Drake’s residence.

Yvonne gazed at Tanya, wanting to ask something but she was afraid that her concern for Jack would be too obvious. She feared that the two beauties before her would misunderstand her.

Nevertheless, worries and concerns for Jack had been growing uncontrollably within her all day.

She knew in her heart that the head of Green Sky Hall and the head of Kingston Hall were biological brothers. The reason why Green Sky Hall managed to develop and expand so well and so fast was because of the power behind them—the Kingston Hall.

Moreover, there were several top-notch fighters in Green Sky Hall, whom even Spectre from the Drake’s family would think twice before picking a fight with them.

Therefore, dread and worry gnawed at her insides—she truly worried about Jack’s safety.

Jack should have come to work by now, yet he had not presented himself. Hemust have gone to do what he had declared he would do.

Tanya could not help but keep her eyes on the entrance gate, her face plastered with disturbance.

“Jack, why hasn’t he come to work yet?”

Sharon George, who was still chit-chatting about another topic, could no longer suppress the uneasiness within her and blurted, “He must’ve gone to the Green Sky Hall! I don’t know if he can solve this matter!”

“I think not!”

Since Sharon had already mentioned Jack, Yvonne continued smoothly, “The men in Green Sky Hall are not easy to deal with. They have a lot of good fighters that can’t be easily handled. They’re beyond ordinary good fighters. Besides, Hector’s a smiling tiger—outwardly kind and benevolent, but inwardly cruel and wicked. Jack’s a simple-headed person. He’s too straightforward and wouldn’t know when to retreat and give face to the other party. I’m really afraid that…”

Tanya bobbed her head to show agreement. “The most crucial thing now is that Jack has gone to the place. He’s not going to let them continue taking such photos. I know Jack, he’d want to solve this problem now and forever, but he’s practically chopping off the other party’s financial resources.” Tanya paused for a second and then continued, “Yesterday, I asked Pa about Green Sky Hall, and he told me that the people in there aren’t only trading their photos to domestic websites, they’re also trading with some powerful authorities overseas!”

When Sharon registered these analyses into her brain, she grew even more anxious. “You’re right! Cutting off people’s source of money is like killing their entire family! Not to mention, this is their long-existed business! Now that it’s been called off by Jack, how could the other party accept it? Green Sky Hall is one son of a b*tch! How could they trade with overseas authorities! This is frustrating!”

Tanya flashed a bitter smile. “Before, I didn’t know that the Green Sky Hall would do such a thing underground. My Pa and the others only found out about it not long ago, too. There’s simply no way to stop them. If Kingston Hall weren’t behind Green Sky Hall, we, the Drake family, would’ve taken action! But with Kingston Hall behind everything, my Pa feels helpless, too!”

“No, no way! Jack’s in danger now! I…I have to go and save him!”

Sharon stomped anxiously. “I’ll bring some bodyguards as well as several top-notch fighters from the George family! I must help him! He can’t die!”

“But, Sharon, Jack said he could solve it alone!”

Yvonne pulled Sharon back and added, “If you go there like this, aren’t you afraid that Jack might be unhappy?”

“But—but, it’s better than leaving him to die there, right? I’m really worried about him!”

Sharon was so frantic with fear, her face went white.

“Don’t worry. I believe in him!”

Tanya gained a little more confidence in Jack when she thought of the episode that happened outside the city—Jack attended to the challenge in the woods and beheaded hundreds of men, some of whom were very powerful.

Just as her last syllable dropped, a scarlet red Porsche 911 drifted into the gate and swiftly parked in a parking space not far away.

“He’s back!”

At the sight of this, the corners of Tanya’s mouth curled upward, and she was relieved.

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