No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0665

“Finally!” Sharon and Yvonne exclaimed in unison, both heaving big sighs of relief.

Sharon gazed at Yvonne, her rosy pink lips slightly parted. She could no longer hold back and asked, “Yvonne, you seem…you seem to be very very worried about him, too. Don’t tell me you like him, too?”

Sharon’s question startled Yvonne, causing her to choke. Her eyes flickered and her cheeks were immediately kissed pink. She retorted instantly, “What? Impossible! That guy’s a pervert who drools over beautiful ladies! I don’t like him at all, hmph!”

Lines appeared on Sharon’s forehead as her brows furrowed. “Impossible! If he’s a pervert, then why didn’t he drool over me? I’ve got a great figure and I look good, too!”

“Hello, beauties! Looks like nothing’s bothering you and you’re in a good mood, admiring the beauty of flowers,” Jack teased as he walked over to the three of them, a gentle and warm smile on his face.

When Jack appeared in front of them, Sharon—whose brain was seized by worries and panic just a few seconds ago—instantly calmed down and her demeanor changed. She became somewhat reserved and shy, putting on a casual face devoid of any worry for Jack at all.

“Green Sky Hall, did you really go there?” Tanya, on the other hand, asked aloud.

Jack nodded in response. “I’ve got the fifty thousand dollars! I’ll treat you ladies to lunch today!”

“Wait! What? What fifty thousand dollars?” Tanya questioned, looking puzzled. “Didn’t you say you were going to talk to them about the photos? What’s this fifty thousand you’re talking about? Don’t tell me that you let them off the hook for a mere fifty thousand dollars?”

“What? No way! I thought you’d at least fight them!”

Yvonne was as dumbfounded as Tanya. Why did Jack go to Green Sky Hall to make a fuss for fifty thousand dollars? Even if his purpose was to blackmail them, 50 thousand dollars was too little, no?

“Oh, I almost forgot something! You don’t know what happened after I got off work yesterday. My closest buddy, Tiger, came to me and told me that his restaurant….”

Remembering that the three had no knowledge about yesterday’s episode, he patiently narrated the incident from stem to stern.

Jack shrugged once he finished telling the story. “Therefore, not only did I settle yesterday’s issue, but I also collected what Green Sky Hall owed me yesterday—the fifty thousand dollars!”

“In that case, the people in Green Sky Hall are truly sly foxes! First, they tested your strength, and if you weren’t strong enough, they would’ve ended you on the spot!”

“Little did they know that you’re not just powerful, but their secret weapons—the skilled Granny and two big men—aren’t worthy opponents as well. Only when they knew they couldn’t beat you did they surrender, just so their problem wouldn’t become worse!”

Cold sweat dripped down Yvonne’s forehead as she repeated the episode. Fortunately, Jack was a strong combatant. His experience as a soldier in the past five years had not been in vain. Otherwise, he would have been in a dangerous situation today!

“They’re not that smart. Such dirty tricks can’t escape me!”

Jack chuckled nonchalantly, and then continued, “But I have to say that Hector’s nothing but a smiling tiger. He looks benevolent and kind on the outside, but inwardly, he’s full of dirty, cunning tricks. It’s not a surprise that such a person can become the Master of Green Sky Hall!”

“What I’m worried about now is whether the other party will go back on their word. They only agreed to your demand on the surface because you’re strong and hard to get rid of!”

Tanya frowned deeply after thinking about it. “His elder brother is the Master of Kingston Hall! What if he tells his brother about this? We’re done for!”

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