No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0667

Yvonne was at loss for words. She sauntered behind Sharon and landed a soundly slap on her butt, then walked away as though nothing happened.


A dull ache settled into Sharon’s back, causing her to yell out loud. Her eyes widened into spheres as large as saucers. “Yvonne Drake, what are you doing!”

A heartless smile plastered Yvonne’s face as she wheeled her head around. “Didn’t you just say you wanted to be spanked? Just pretend that slap was from Jack.”

Sharon was dumbfounded. She did not know whether to cry or to laugh. She huffed angrily, “How—how can that be the same?” If the slap was truly from Jack, it might have implied that Jack had some interest in her. In that case, even if she were to be spanked black and blue, her heart would be bursting with joy. However, she had to be realistic. Jack, this idiot, had never given her a chance. She had no idea what to do next.

“Let’s move. It’s the first time Jack’s treating you to lunch, so chop chop!”

Sharon’s affection and loyalty toward Jack triggered a sigh out of Tanya. She never thought that love could be like this. Sharon’s love was an obsession. It possessed her and made her lose her sense of self.

However, the current situation was of unrequited love.

After all, with Sharon’s attractive look and alluring figure, a lot of men out there would be head over heels for her!

With such charismatic attributes, Sharon still remained loyal to Jack and continued to actively pursue him. Nevertheless, Jack did not bother to reciprocate those feelings and never gave her a chance at all!

At the entrance of the villa, a faint yet cordial smile was hanging on James Drake’s face. He was observing the commotion, standing not too far away from the four of them.

“Jack White, he’s indeed not an ordinary man. I must give him credit for having the courage to go to Green Sky hall alone!” James whispered to himself, his tone full of mixed emotions. By this time, Jack and the others had disappeared from his sight.

“Indeed, not an ordinary man. Miss Tanya said that Jack was going to pay them a visit, but I didn’t expect him to come back so quickly. It seems that everything went well!”

Spectre nodded in agreement. “For a detailed understanding of the whole situation, we’ll need to spend some money to get the information.”

James put on another warm smile in response. “Nah, I think Tanya and the others are pretty close to him. They were chatting for quite a while just now. They should be discussing the events that happened in Green Sky Hall. We could just ask Tanya when she returns later tonight. She should know quite a lot!”

Spectre chortled. “Miss Tanya’s something else. She’s managed to get close to Jack in such a short time. Young Master Drake, on the other hand, is still the same—stoic and full of disdain toward Jack. He doesn’t look like he’s a fan of Jack, and he never really talks to Jack that much.”

Thinking of this son of his, James’s facial expression hardened. “Timothy, this brat. Always making me worry for him! I heard he’s been playing billiards with Grayson from the Mont family whenever he’s free as of late. Furthermore, their betting amount in a single game is quite huge. You could lose a lot in just one game!”

Spectre’s forehead creased into a frown. Looking at James, he slowly spilled out some words, “Master Drake, there’s one thing about Young Master Drake that I’m not sure if I should report.”

Looking at Spectre’s hesitant expression, James’s heart suddenly felt uneasy. He permitted, with his brows furrowed, “Spill it!”

“I’ve heard that Young Master Drake has been visiting some entertainment centers lately and that he’s been mingling with a friend of Michael Wilson. That friend is a young master from a third-class family, and he’s got a stinky reputation.”

James’s face turned even darker upon hearing the news. “Timothy, this fool! He’s always been obedient and performs pretty well in front of me. I didn’t expect he’d start mingling with these people. If he continues to behave in such a way, how am I supposed to hand over the Drake properties to him in the future!”

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