No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0668

In a flash, Jack and the three beauties had arrived at a hushed and serene restaurant with classy decoration.

It was a decent restaurant. The environment was quiet and had pastel aesthetics. Although the price was mildly exorbitant, money to Jack was never a problem. The price did not sway Jack in the slightest.

“Alright, ladies. Order whatever you want! It’s my honor to invite three beauties to lunch for the first time!”

Jack handed over the menu and enunciated modestly. “I’m only a bodyguard, and three of you are from noble families. Yet, you’re willing to let me treat you to lunch. It’s truly an honor!”

Tanya was speechless for a while. This jerk was no ordinary man, and he must be a man of a higher social status than she was. Yet, he was acting all stupid in front of her.

It was evident to everyone that this guy was not an ordinary bodyguard.

“The prices aren’t cheap at all. Aren’t you worried that fifty thousand dollars won’t be enough?” Yvonne purposely teased Jack after taking a look at the menu.

“Don’t worry. Do you think my budget for our lunch is only fifty thousand? It’s my pleasure to have you three beauties together with me. I’d be more than happy to spend five hundred thousand on you, let alone fifty thousand!”

Jack giggled, then he gazed over his watch and pondered for a second before saying, “Oh! By the way, Selena’s company is just nearby, and it’s almost lunchtime now. I’ve invited her over for lunch with us since she has a two-hour lunch break!”

“Wouldn’t your dear wife be jealous of us? That you’re having lunch with three beauties? Moreover, you’re spending so much on us, wouldn’t she scold you?” Tanya teased playfully.

“Nah, she won’t!” Jack uttered confidently. “My wife is a gentle, kind-hearted, generous, intelligent, and virtuous woman. Why would she scold me just because I invited three of you to lunch?”

Hearing him compliment Selena and looking at the prideful expression on Jack’s face, Sharon’s heart sank and her thoughts started to get clouded. She could see that Jack really did love his wife. There was a huge difference between how he treated Selena and herself.

All this made her feel doubtful of herself. Was she not charming or good-looking enough? She wondered if Jack would ever fall in love with her.

Jack went out to call Selena. At the same time, Yvonne was ordering some food.

“F*ck off!”

A piercing voice echoed from inside the restaurant into Jack’s ears when he was just about to make the call.

Jack’s brows immediately furrowed after hearing the voice. He looked into the restaurant and in the next second, his face scrunched up.

Inside the restaurant, several men with gold necklaces around their thick necks surrounded Tanya and the others. One of them wore a cunning lopsided grin. He stretched out his arm, wanting to caress Tanya’s cheek.

“Tsk, tsk, you’re one hot chick, aren’t you? You have silky smooth skin, too. How about my bros and I treat you to this lunch and after that, you come with us for a karaoke session and have fun with us!” the rascal spoke, his mouth twisted into a perverted grin. He switched his focus over to Yvonne and Sharon who were beside her. His Adam’s apple moved up and down vigorously. “These two chicks, too! Look at their bodies…so well maintained…and their faces…so gorgeous!”

“Yeah, you’re so right! Miss, the one thing we don’t lack is money. We’ll treat you to good food and good wine. Come and have fun with us! Eighty thousand or even a hundred thousand is not a problem for us!” another man echoed while giggling.

Just as Jack stepped out of the restaurant to make a phone call, these rascals entered. They noticed the three beauties as soon as they entered the restaurant and they could not help but approach them in an instant.

There were a lot of nice-looking women on this earth, most of whom were gold-diggers. They all adored sugar daddies and enjoyed being their sugar babies. As long as the men flashed out some cash and showed off their money, most women would bow down before them!

Of course, these few thugs had experiences with such women before, so naturally, they possessed some level of confidence when they approached Tanya and the others.

“Just order whatever you fancy, my lovely ladies. Even those super fancy and exorbitant food and drinks, too. We have money!”


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