No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0670

The four rascals in front of Jack thought that he would be scared of them after revealing their tattoos. However, not only did Jack show no sign of fear, he even said some things that made the corners of their mouths twitch. Did this punk not recognize the tattoo?

“Aren’t you afraid? The streets around this area are our territories! We’re from the Wolf Fang Gang!

The man pointed to the tattoo on his chest and announced proudly, “Although we don’t have a lot of members in the Wolf Fang Gang, each gang member is as ruthless as wild wolves! Offending us is equivalent to digging your own grave!”

Another one chimed in, “If you understand the situation, you’d make yourself disappear! Besides, this chick provoked Brother Felix. If not, Brother Felix wouldn’t have shoved her!”

“I understand. Hmmm. Then, do you know who I am? Also, do you know who this lady is? Are you guys dumb or what? How dare you push this young miss!” Jack chuckled and responded nonchalantly.

“Do I look like I care? All I know is that she’s an attractive woman.”

Brother Felix laughed uncontrollably. Obviously, he did not recognize Tanya and the others.

However, the blame was not on them. After all, they were just some local rascals that were not even qualified to meet or be associated with someone like Tanya who was from a noble family. Those who would be aware of Tanya’s status usually came from powerful noble families.

“I’m her bodyguard, and she’s Miss Tanya from the Drake family!” Jack’s face sank.

“What? No way! She’s Miss Tanya? From the Drake family?”

One of the thugs was stunned at Jack’s words. He was clearly frightened. If it was really Miss Tanya from the Drake family, then they were in big trouble!

Another thug immediately retorted, “F*cking fake! Miss Tanya is a Drake! With her status and identity, she shouldn’t come to a place like this. Besides, if Miss Tanya’s out in public, shouldn’t there be a group of bodyguards with her?”

Felix thought the statement was reasonable as well. He commented, “You sure do know how to brag, huh! If Miss Tanya from the Drake family has come out, there would be at least a dozen bodyguards with her! They’d be brawny and strong, but here you are, just a single fellow. Look at yourself, you’re neither bulky nor strong! Do you think we’re fools?”

“I’ve ordered mine, do the rest of you have anything else to add on?” Yvonne asked as she turned to Jack and the others after placing her order. There was not a single trace of worry or concern on her face.

“I’m good. We could always order more food later if it’s not enough!”

Jack smiled as he rubbed his fists. “Explaining things to trash like you is wasting a lot of my time and energy. I think my fists can do the explaining better!”

“Do you think I’ll be scared?” Felix laughed aloud and waved his hand, signaling the other three thugs to attack Jack.

Nevertheless, with a few simple strokes and punches, the wolves plopped onto the ground, clutching at their chests in pain before they started to cry. Pain seethed through them with a terrible intensity. It felt like being eaten from the inside out by a sharp-toothed creature.

“What the f*ck!”

Felix’s eyes widened into spheres as large as kiwis. His throat tightened and cold sweat streamed down his forehead.

He clenched his jaw, took out a pocket knife from his trouser pocket, and launched the blade in Jack’s direction.

However, he did not even get close before Jack snatched the knife away from him.

With his right hand, Jack dangled the pocket knife in front of Felix’s face. Felix was so frightened that his body went numb, his blood frozen in his veins. He was unable to move at all.

Felix looked down at himself, only to realize that while there were no injuries on his body, his shirt had been ripped and cut, leaving hundreds of holes. He stood frozen in his spot, looking like a peasant begging on the streets.

“Si—sir, I was wrong!”

Felix’s legs turned to jelly in a flash and he plopped onto the ground, kneeling before Jack. He truly believed that if Jack wanted to kill him a moment ago, he would have died more than a hundred times!

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