No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0671

“Boss, we… We’re sorry, we made a mistake. We’ll get out of your hair and let you be with this chick, alright?” Another man feebly knelt before Jack once he got over the initial sting of pain.

Frowning, Jack coldly snapped, “What are you talking about? I’m Miss Tanya’s bodyguard! How dare you!”

“Y—Yes, of course…! This honorable and pretty lady must be Miss Tanya. You’re such a powerful bodyguard. Now I see why she needed only one bodyguard with her all this time… You’re basically a one-man army, with the power of a hundred men!” spoke the man as he quivered, and he wiped the cold sweat off of his forehead from time to time.

If the beautiful woman they intended to take advantage of was indeed the Drake family’s Miss Tanya, members of the Wolf Fang Gang would not even mutter a word if they were killed right here. The Drake family was the most prominent family; small groups like them were not qualified to even fight back.

“Boss, please let us go,” Felix begged Jack. “Can we show ourselves out?”

Jack glanced at them indifferently. “I’d watch yourselves if I were you. You people might lose your lives the next time I see you doing this again!”

“Yes, Big Brother,” Felix nodded thankfully. “We’re truly grateful for this mercy you’ve shown us!” Felix lowered his head as he began to walk away with his men. He wanted nothing more than to dissolve from this place.

However… “Wait!” Jack called out to him just as he took two steps away.

“What?!” The four of them glanced at each other, their faces slowly losing color. They never thought Jack would go back on his word. Was he going to kill them?

“I didn’t allow you guys to leave, did I? You guys said that you’d treat Miss Tanya to a meal, didn’t you? Could it be that you’re backing down on your promise?” Jack smirked. Meanwhile, Tanya had already returned to her seat as the blush on her face had receded. Still, she felt jittery when she recalled the feeling of Jack’s arm wrapped around her waist.

It was not long after Jack thought to himself that he ordered, “Go pay the bill. Then, kneel here and wait until we finish our dinner before you can leave. I’ll let you guys go after that.”

“Oh, of course, of course! We’ll pay the bill right now!” Fearing for their lives, the men nodded vehemently before they scurried to pay the 60,000 worth of bill.

Once they paid, the four The four rushed toward Jack’s table and knelt right beside them. They were so ashamed that they lowered their heads bitterly, and it showed on their faces too.

At this moment, Selena finally came from her company that was located nearby to where they were.

Selena frowned when they saw the four men kneeling on the floor. “Jack, what’s going on? Did you get into another fight?”

Selena was startled to see four men on the floor, kneeling. She had told Jack many times before to stop getting into fights so they could enjoy a low profile lifestyle. The last thing she expected during this meal was this scene.

“These people left their eyeballs at home and dared lust over Miss Tanya’s beauty. This punishment is nothing, really.” Jack smiled indifferently and pulled out the chair beside them. “Honey, take a seat. The dishes will be served soon. Let’s sit and wait for our dishes.”

“Oh, so that’s what happened? I suppose they’re rather foolish if they don’t know who Miss Tanya is!” Selena smiled impassively once she heard Jack’s explanation. Jack was Miss Tanya’s bodyguard, so it was only his duty to do something if she was harassed.

The four men raised their heads and glanced at Selena. They were once again stunned because of her beauty, and they became green with envy. He was just a bodyguard but had such a beautiful wife.

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