No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0673

“Come, let’s drink some wine!” said Tanya with a smile on her face as she raised her glass of wine. “After all, the people from the so-called Wild Wolf Gang are paying for this entire table. It’ll be a waste if we don’t finish the wine we ordered, and we’ve ordered quite a few bottles!”

“Alright,” chorused Yvonne as she raised her own glass, “come on!” Yvonne grinned.

All five of them started drinking.

Though still bitter about Jack, Sharon spoke, “Jack, it’s alright that you don’t like me, but I have to tell you this: If ever the day comes that you regret your words, come find me. I’m willing to be your second wife and be by your side everyday. I won’t cause you any trouble, and I’ll even get along with Selena!”

Jack cleared his throat at Sharon’s bold proclamation. “Ahem! Sharon, you’re still young, and life’s still long. You’ll meet someone who you’ll genuinely like in the future, I’m sure of it,” he spoke before he sipped his wine.

“Still young? Still young?! I’m not young anymore. I’m at the legal age to get married several months ago!” Sharon pursed her delicate mouth. “You’re just six or seven years older than me.”

All of a sudden… “Felix, what are you guys doing, kneeling here?” A group of seven to eight men walked up to them as they were halfway through their meal.

One of them had a head full of bleached-white hair. The men were extremely surprised when they saw Felix and the others on the floor.

Meeting the eyes of these men, Felix and his gang were speechless and ashamed.

One of the men kneeling blinked at Whitey, the man with bleached-white hair. “Don’t get involved, you guys!” he spoke in a half-shouting voice. He signaled the other person to leave; they could not afford to offend the people here.

However, Whitey did not register the signs in time. “What the f*ck. Had they lost a fight?” Whitey then looked at the four pretty ladies sitting at the table and smirked.

“I get it. You must’ve fallen for one of these women here, haven’t you, Felix? You pervert. how can I not understand you? You can’t control yourself whenever you meet pretty ladies. How can you bear it when you meet such extreme beauty?”

He paused for a brief moment before he badgered on, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I’m here. Your brother Anguis is here! We have a big group of people! Let us help you get even!”

“That’s right, Felix. You guys are so terrible! How could you guys lose against one guy? You guys are even kneeling…! This is so embarrassing!” Another guy smiled coldly, not once paying attention to Jack who was at the same table, eating with the ladies.

Felix initially wanted to remind them that they should mind their manners before him and the ladies.

Thus, it came as a surprise to him that they continuously disrespected him. He decided to pretend that he did not see or hear anything and kept quiet all the while.

“Since you can’t get this woman, let me try instead!” Whitey smirked. He abruptly slapped the table and sneered, “Young man, don’t act all innocent and pretend that you didn’t hear us. I’m also from the Wolf Fang Group! You hurt and humiliate my brothers, and now, I’m going to avenge them…! If you understand what’s happening, scram and leave these women here.”

Glaring at Whitey with fierceness, Jack picked up a chopstick and stabbed the man’s hand that was on the table!

Whitey had no time to respond to such a quick move. “Aah!” The next thing he knew, a wooden chopstick was stabbed into his hand. He was in so much pain that he instantly fell to his knees.

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