No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0674

“Aah!” Whitey roared in pain. The veins on his forehead bulged out while the color of his face was drained.

“Hit him!” came Whitey’s thunderous order to his subordinates, all while he gritted his teeth.

“Brother Anguis, this…” His subordinates were downright frightened as they were met with Jack’s icy glare. Judging from Jack’s all-too-quick attack, he was no simpleton. Although they had the numbers, they might not be able to fight him.

“Get out. Don’t destroy my mood,” growled Jack as he noted that more people were surrounding them, and many of the new customers were glancing at them.

Felix immediately looked at Jack in anticipation when he heard this. “B—Boss, how about us? Can we go now?”

“Scram! Every one of you can get lost! Looking at you guys gives me a headache!” Jack looked at him impatiently and waved his hand.

“Okay! I’ll show myself out now!” Felix was all too happy when he heard this as he immediately nodded and stood up with his subordinates.

“Are you guys dumb? Why are you still standing there? Follow us out right now! This is Miss Tanya from the Drake family, and that’s Miss Sharon from the George family!” Felix glanced at the people who were still rooted where they stood.

He then looked at Anguis, who was in extreme pain. “Anguis, you’re too dumb. I was already kneeling there, and you dared cause trouble to Miss Tanya and the others. Are you on a suicide mission?”

“W—Why do you say that?!” Anguis almost fainted in sheer anger. “Why… Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

“I’ve given you all the signs, but you’re too dumb to understand it!” Felix immediately walked outside in huge strodes after he spoke.

The others, especially those who came with Whitey, immediately felt a sense of relief after they heard this. They thanked their lucky stars that they did not act upon order immediately. Otherwise, they might share the same fate as Whitey.

Whitey dared not linger any longer and ran faster than a rabbit. A group of almost 20 people vanished from Jack and the others’ sight.

With an indifferent smile, Jack turned to Selena and beamed, “Let’s continue our meal!”

“Okay!” Selena nodded in satisfaction. At that moment, she felt that what Sharon said about Jack—that a strong sense of security could be felt when she was around him—was very true.

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