No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0675

Selena returned to her office for work after she finished her meal. Meanwhile, Jack and the others took a walk around that area before returning to the Drake family’s mansion.

Jack rested in the room the Drake family arranged for him upon their return. He was ready to drive home at around five or six o’clock in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, in the Clark family’s mansion…

Flynn was extremely happy when he saw his cousin, Ken, entering the room. He immediately asked, “How did it go, Ken? Is Jack dead? What’s the situation of his body? Didn’t you say that he already drank the poison? I remember you guys have gone to Sky City to search for the strong martial artists of the Xenos family too, right?”

Flynn believed Jack was physically weakening day by day, since it had been two to three days since he consumed the poison.

Under such circumstances, Jack would definitely die if his cousin and Young Master Hugo invited the strong martial artists from the Xenos family over to avenge Quil.

His cousin and Young Master Hugo left yesterday and had just returned. Flynn was curious about Jack’s fate.

Ken looked at Flynn with an expression riddled with many emotions at once.

Flynn was his cousin who lost a leg because he offended Tanya while he was enjoying a trip here with Ken. Ken wondered about how he was going to tell Flynn’s parents about this.

Apart from that, the Bane family in the Lone City was slightly stronger than their Clark family, a second-class aristocratic family.

Flynn understood right away when he saw Ken’s darkening expression. Sitting on the sofa, the smile on Flynn’s face instantly vanished. “Is he still alive? It seems like you guys haven’t made a move yet. Every day is a difficult day for me right now… I want to see this bodyguard named Jack die soon!”

He gritted his teeth and looked at Ken with a cold expression on his face. “You’re irritatingly useless, Ken! You can’t even handle a bodyguard!”

Ken was speechless as he meekly sat next to Flynn. “Don’t be so impatient, Flynn. Why do you want to rush it so badly when this guy is going to die anyway? Yes, I went to the Sky City with Young Master Hugo, but the young master of the Xenos family was a troublesome person. He offended a King of War from Eastfield, and this King of War was so angry that he went to Sky City and wiped out the entire Xenos family!”

Ken paused here and smiled bitterly. “F*ck. This King of War—by some divine intervention—helped that useless Jack. He’s just too lucky. He would’ve been dead by now had he not received such help!”

“Damn!” Flynn balled his hands into fists as he was overwhelmed with disappointment. He had lost one leg and might have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

He was unwilling to accept this fate as not only would he have a terrible life, but he would be made fun of by others too. Jack was the object of hatred whenever he thought of his possible fate, and a gloomy fate at that.

“There are only twenty-five days left. When it’s Selena’s time to celebrate her birthday, his time will be up. Don’t worry; the poison is very powerful. You don’t need to worry about a thing!” Ken comforted Flynn, though a sigh escaped his lips. “It’s a shame that Xena and Ivan’s private meetings have been exposed. Now, Jack and Ben know about them, and Xena can’t continue hiding and spying on Jack. We’d still be able to get news about how Jack is; had she not been discovered. At the very least, we’d get updates on his health and know if it’s deteriorating.”

“That’s achievable!” Flynn laughed a sinister laugh. “Wait several days and employ several good fighters to test Jack. If his body is really in a terrible state and his combat abilities are gone, we can even use this opportunity to kill him before he succumbs to the poison!”

Ken nodded in glee. “This idea of yours is a good idea!” He then took out a flyer from his pocket and added, “Still, I really want to see Jack struggling to even walk and his body decaying till he dies at Selena’s birthday. Wouldn’t that be a better way to vent out our anger? The most important point is that he and the entire Taylor family will lose face if this guy failed to organize a city-stirring birthday party for Selena!”

Initially frowning, Flynn took the flyer and nodded. “This sounds right. Why end him so quickly if we can let him die uncomfortably and let him lose face? Let’s not kill him first. We can order fighters to beat him up good and assess his physical strength. It’s fine as long as they don’t kill him!”

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