No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0678

Hearing what Fiona had said, Joan’s lips curled into a frown. “Yes, and I’m quite worried. Selena’s mother told me that Quil Xenos asked a marshal to come over. Although this other person’s not so capable, it only shows that the Xenos family is really powerful as they had gotten a marshal’s help!”

Fiona grew more afraid the more she thought about it. “It’s all because of Jack, and it’s infuriating.” She glared at Jack. “How could he offend someone like that and make people hate him!”

When she saw where this was going, Selena quickly jumped in on Jack’s defense. “Mother, we can’t blame this on Jack,” she reasoned. “Jack told me that they were at the veteran’s gathering and the Goddess of War, Lana killed Magnus Sutherland because he forced female celebrities to sleep with him. This Magnus is Quil’s father’s god-brother, and he has to address Magnus as ‘uncle’!”

Selena paused before she added, “Nobody knew that Quil would instead pick a fight with Jack when he knew he couldn’t do so with the Goddess of War!”

“Don’t worry, Mother. Members of the Xenos family didn’t know that I did it, considering no one was left alive once I was through with them. Nobody would know if you don’t tell others about this.”

Although Jack knew clearly that the Xenos family no longer bore a threat to them, he had to pretend he knew nothing. “Even if they come and investigate the matter, they wouldn’t dare do anything to me if they know that I know the Goddess of War personally and have saved her, too. There’s nothing for you guys to worry about, really.”

“What do you mean, ‘as long as you don’t tell others about this’? Am I the kind of person who rambles about everything to others? Your mother-in-law’s lips are always sealed!” Fiona stared at Jack angrily.

As she walked a few steps closer to him, she spoke, “Even if the other party knew that you did it, they might not attack you. Of course, the Goddess of War doesn’t owe us favors anymore. She can’t help you for the rest of your life because of one favor, right? She’s the Goddess of War! Though, it wasn’t bad that she willingly came to the Old Master’s birthday party last time!”

Fiona then recalled something rather crucial, and it showed on her face as she slapped her thigh. “No, that’s not right… I almost forgot something. Wasn’t Xena there too? Will she tell others about this?”

Andrew was just as frightened when he heard this. “That’s really troubling. I used to feel that Xena was quite nice, but we now know she’s the complete opposite. She’s with Ivan now too, and he’s a person who bears grudges. Let’s not forget that Jack did injure him before, so if Xena tells this to Ivan, the consequences are unimaginable.”

Joan’s face increasingly darkened as she anxiously blurted, “Why did you offend such a powerful family? If Ivan knows and tells this to the Xenos family, we’d be in trouble!”

Quickly coming up with a plan, she then said, “Jack, doesn’t Xena like money very much? She’s a gold-digger, no? How about this: Don’t you still have several tens of millions? Sometime later, ask her out and ask her to keep this a secret. We can give her some money as long as she doesn’t tell this to anybody. I know she’d keep that promise the moment she sees some cash.”

“This is a good idea. What Jack’s mother said is correct. I think that spending money to prevent trouble might work.” Andrew immediately nodded as a sign of agreement.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Fiona was rather reluctant with the idea. “Jack doesn’t have much money with him now; he’s got only several tens of millions. Xena is such a bad woman. How can we give her money when she’s caused my son so much heartache until now?!”

“You…! You’re really…!” Andrew was infuriated with Fiona, and this was the first time he had been this angry. “Do you understand what ‘spending money to avoid trouble’ means? Jack’s your son-in-law! What should we do when the Xenos family doesn’t come after us but kills Jack?

“By that time, Selena would lose her husband! Not only does Jack have quite the money to support her, but he treats our family members so nicely too. Isn’t it hard to find such a kind son-in-law wherever you look? How can such a small amount of money be more important than your son-in-law?!”

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