No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0679

“Mother, I can understand that you consider money to be a very great thing,” began Selena. “And yes, you suffered a lot several years ago. Still, you can’t risk our lives, including Jack’s. What if the martial artists from the Xenos family truly come for us and kill us? Are you really not afraid of death?” Selena felt herself getting heated at the moment. She felt that her mother was too much; that she could not even discern right from wrong.

Nobody expected, however, that Jack would side with Fiona as he spoke, “What Mother said seems to make sense. We can’t give money to Xena.”

Initially criticized and rebuked for her thoughts and opinions, Fiona lowered her head in embarrassment and dared not speak when no one sided with her. She never expected Jack would take her side on this matter.

Her lips instantly curled into a smile as she proudly remarked, “Look, I’m not the only one who said this. Jack’s saying the same thing, too. We can’t give Xena money!”

Selena was puzzled. She looked at Jack and had no idea why Jack would say something like this. “But why? You genuinely don’t look like a person who worships money. I know you dislike Xena a great deal, but isn’t it a good idea to give her some money so that she’d shut up?”

“This has nothing to do with whether I hate her or not,” came Jack’s cool-headed reply. “Xena is too greedy. The situation of our family isn’t bad right now, right? Yet she still chose Ivan. How much do you think we should give her? Half a million? Five million?” Jack smiled coldly before continuing, “I can bet she won’t be satisfied, even if we gave her fifty million. She might only agree if I give all my money to her! She might even want my future salaries, and I can only keep her mouth shut if I give her money whenever I get my salary.”

“Yes, whatever Jack says makes sense,” came Fiona’s enthusiastic reply, the energy of her nodding in agreement matched with her grin. “This is exactly what I meant. This Xena has a big appetite, and she’s not easily satisfied. What if she still tells the Xenos family after we gave her money? That’s not definite!”

Selena eventually sighed. “That’s true, too.”

Suddenly… “Hey! You people really think you’re that important?!” yelled Cecilia as she stormed from afar. “The Old Master has been waiting for you guys, and for quite some time, too! Why don’t you guys go in? What are you guys still chit-chatting about here? What’s there to talk about? We’re treating you guys to a meal, and you guys are acting important?”

“What are you talking about, Cecilia?” snapped Selena as she rolled her eyes at her. She was in a bad mood; even a well-tempered person had her limits, too.

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