No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0680

Cecilia was startled to hear Selena snapping at her in such a tone.

The initial stunned expression on her face eventually disappeared as Cecilia composed herself, folding her arms across her chest in arrogance just like before. “It seems the way you speak has changed now that you have quite the money, no? No wonder you look down on me. Isn’t it only a villa that’s worth tens of millions?”

Though there was a strange undertone to it, Cecilia did not stop there as she continued, “I heard that a commander’s reward is around two hundred million, yet you get such a small amount of money after five years. You even went through uncountable life and death situations, but the amount of money you get isn’t much. You bought a villa and several cars, and didn’t I hear that you’ve even hired bodyguards? With my calculation, Jack doesn’t have much money left, right? He only has several tens of millions, no?”

Indifferent, Selena icily replied, “Yes, we don’t have much money, but we aren’t short of money right now either. We’re satisfied that we have a house, cars, and several tens of millions. Although we can’t compete with other wealthy people, I’m satisfied, and that’s enough!”

At this moment, Selena glanced at Cecilia and smugly added, “Our situation is better than some woman who’s not only not married at an old age, but she also doesn’t even have a job and is constantly asking for money from her family.”

This infuriated Cecilia. “You…”

“That’s right! How dare you say that our family doesn’t have any money? My daughter’s salary is a million every month, and she’ll even get bonuses at the end of the year. Although my son-in-law is only a bodyguard, his salary is much higher than hers at twenty million per month. How about you? You stay at home every day. Does this make you rich?”

Fiona could not stand how arrogant Cecilia was. She remembered how Cecilia always mocked them when they were chased out of the Taylor family previously and had no money. They, unfortunately, had no way of avoiding such a fate so they could only endure it.

“Hmph! No matter what, your son-in-law is a bodyguard. He’s only a bodyguard, and he’s working for somebody else. What’s there to brag about?” Cecilia scoffed and added, “Do you know why Grandfather asked you all to come tonight?”

“Aren’t we here to have dinner? What else could there be?” Fiona frowned. She had her suspicions as to why Old Master Taylor asked them to come over and have dinner. Could it be that he had something to announce? She thought about it for some time but could not guess what was going on. She even thought that she had been imagining things.

Once Cecilia brought it up, however, it seemed that there was something going on so he asked them to come over.

“I’m not telling you guys now. Go in and you’ll soon find out!” Cecilia placed both hands behind her back and walked inside with her head slightly raised. “Let’s go. I’m going to marry into a good family soon. I’d say I’m much better off than some woman who married a bodyguard. I don’t need to work in the future. I only need to stay at home and be a full-time housewife. How good is that?”

“She’s getting married!” Fiona’s face turned dark as she saw Cecilia’s retreating form. “Cecilia really is marrying into the second-class aristocratic family, the Gold family. I thought that the young master from the Gold family was toying with her and wouldn’t marry her. I never thought he’d actually marry her!”

Fiona was slightly envious. “That’s a second-class aristocratic family, and it’s only natural she’s happy. After all, she’s marrying into a rich family, and our Taylor family has just entered the door of the second-class aristocratic family range. This Gold family has been a second-class aristocratic family for the longest time. The highlight of everything is that the Gold family has only one son. Once Cecilia marries into their family, she’d have access to their family’s properties!”

She looked at Selena and sighed. “There’s a saying that men are afraid of being in the wrong field of work, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong people. Had you not been so headstrong before, you won’t need to face such humiliation. You could’ve married anyone like Young Master Wilson, Young Master Clark, or anyone else like them. You wouldn’t have suffered for so many years, and sure as heck won’t be shamed today!”

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