No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0682

Jack merely wore an aloof smile as he walked over to Cecilia’s table and sat on the empty seat next to Selena.

Once Jack sat down, the Gold family’s young master, Kelly Gold smugly spoke, “Ah, so you’re Jack? We went overseas for a trip some time ago and have just returned recently! I’ve heard quite a lot about you. You’re the one who joined the forces, right? A son-in-law who married into his wife’s family. You’ve been away for five years, no?”

On the other side, Old Master Gold’s expression darkened as he glanced at Jack. “Old Master Taylor, this… This is the son-in-law who married into your family?”

“Yes, and he’s been here for a month now!” Old Master Taylor nodded with a smile on his face.

The expression on Old Master Gold’s face continued to darken, and he added, “We’re here to discuss important matters today, and it’s about Kelly and Cecilia’s wedding. It’s not so good for an outsider to sit here with us on the same table, don’t you agree?”

“That’s right, Old Master Taylor,” the Head of the Gold Family chimed in. “I feel that the people sitting here need to be a member of the Taylor family. It isn’t the best for a son-in-law who married into your family and is a younger generation to sit here, is it?”

Old Master Taylor never thought that the people of the Gold family would take such a thing to heart. With a small smile, he gently asserted, “Although Jack married into our family, he’s considered as half a Taylor family member. I myself recognized his standing as a member of the Taylor family.”

Kelly burst out laughing. “That’s weird! I remember Cecilia telling me two months ago that Jack got Miss Selena from your family because he’s drunk. If that’s the case, what’s the difference between him and a rapist? You guys accepted a rapist into your family and welcome him as your own? Your values moved me!”

Selena never thought Kelly would disrespect Jack so much. She could still reason with herself if they looked down at him and said he was a son-in-law married into her family, but it angered her when they equated him to a rapist!

The expression on Selena’s face could easily rival the icy cold, and she had a matching smile as well. “Young Master Gold, may I know what proof you have when you say this? Don’t listen to someone’s baseless rumors. Does anybody know clearer than me, the person involved, about what happened that night?”

Selena glanced at Jack, who was beside her, and her expression lightened slightly. “I did things willingly on the night of my marriage. If I did it willingly, how can a petty person with a hidden agenda change that into a rapist story? Am I wrong?”

This angered Cecilia at that instant. “You…!” This damned Selena. Selena had the gall to call her a petty person with a hidden agenda!

“What’s going on?” Stunned for a moment, Selena then smiled. “Cecilia, you don’t look very happy. I said that this was said by someone. You won’t jump to conclusions, would you?”

At this moment, Kelly started laughing once again. “Miss Selena, you’re a really open person. I heard that you met Jack on the first day and married him on the second day. It surprised me that you slept with him on the night of your marriage and even gave birth to a daughter for him. Hey now, your relationship has improved so quickly.”

Kelly took a rather dramatic pause before he disdainfully added, “However, as a woman, aren’t you slightly unreserved?”

“Young Master Gold, you don’t seem to be in the position to worry about this. Both of us fell for each other at first sight and we were married at that time. We were husband-and-wife at that time, so how was it wrong that we slept together?”

Jack chuckled as his eyes shifted to Cecilia. “No matter what, Selena and I were already married before we had our daughter. If this isn’t considered as being reserved, are girls who are pregnant before marriage considered as being reserved?”

Jack had long observed that Cecilia was pregnant; six weeks to be exact. If she did not get married soon, her pregnancy would be a glaring detail.

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