No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0683

This could be why the Gold family agreed to prepare for her and Young Master Gold to get married; she was with child. The Gold family’s future generation.

“Why… Why are you looking at me? I’m not pregnant!” Jack easily noticed the sliver of shock and guilt behind Cecilia’s eyes as she averted her gaze, turning to the side. “I’m not an easy woman!”

Jack chuckled at her comeback, and he smugly added, “You should be around six weeks pregnant. Being pregnant isn’t that much of a strange occurrence. It’s quite normal in this current society!”

“Cecilia, are you pregnant?” Old Master Taylor’s face darkened. Conceiving before marriage was not abnormal, merely a normal happening all around the world.

Still, Old Master Taylor was a man who highly preserved his dignity, and the Taylor family has just achieved the second-class aristocratic family title. If news about how the Taylor family’s girls got pregnant before they were married got publicized, the Taylor family’s value would deteriorate.

“Grandfather, he… He’s speaking nonsense. How would I not know if I’m pregnant or not?” Cecilia put up a strong bravado, but she was inwardly freaking out. It startled her how Jack could tell things so accurately just by looking at her and without even checking her pulse.

Even her parents did not know about her pregnancy. If Jack was making guesses, how did he manage to guess so accurately?

Cecilia’s father shot up from his seat as he furiously barked, “Don’t just spew out nonsense, you brat! How can my daughter be someone like that?” Cecilia’s father glared at Jack in all his fury. “You didn’t even touch her hand or check her pulse. How can you simply say she’s six weeks pregnant?”

“That’s right. Don’t talk nonsense!” Cecilia’s mother got up from her seat, just as angry as her husband. “Although our family doesn’t like to speak up, we can’t be pushed or stepped on like a doormat. It’s infuriating how a mere son-in-law married into the family could say whatever he likes!”

Jack was about to talk back when Fiona’s face darkened, and she was basically staring daggers at Jack. “Jack, what did I say to you just now?!”

Jack was instantly silent. Fiona did tell him not to speak nonsense before he entered the door.

However, the situation was different. He could tank it if everyone was ridiculing him as he did not want to be like the others, but they were mocking Selena, his wife. This unsettled Jack to a great deal.

Ignoring Fiona, he directed his reply to Cecilia’s father. “Other people might need to check her pulse and western doctors might need to check your daughter with machines, but I’m different. I can see your daughter’s situation with my eyes only!”

Not wanting to be looked down by these people, Jack raised his chin slightly. “Let me just tell everybody the truth. I’m a medical god; a miracle-working doctor!”

“Yes! I’ll have you know that Jack was the one who cured my leg!” Andrew chimed in, obviously pleased with Jack’s work. “Jack’s medical skills are very good. Not only that, but Sharon’s obesity-like disease was also cured by Jack!”


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