No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0684

Andrew was displeased at how the Gold family was treating Jack.

Of course, he had looked down on Jack way back then, and he recalled the bitterness he held against this young man. Now, Jack had shown his worth, strength, and excellence.

It surprised him at how the Gold family was saying such mean things to him. He could not stomach that and decided to stand for Jack.

Cecilia smirked pompously after she heard this. “A miracle-working doctor? That’s really funny. How can a soldier call himself a miracle-working doctor? Your boasts are too much!”

“My thoughts exactly. Do you think that you’re the God of War Ethan Hays? Only a person like him dare address himself as a miracle-working doctor. He’s a well-recognized miracle-working doctor to boot!”

The Gold family master even said with a smile. “You just got lucky in treating your father-in-law’s leg and Sharon’s disease. At the very most, it means that your medical skills weren’t bad. Still, you have a long way to go before you can become a miracle-working doctor!”

Jack burst out laughing when he heard, a laugh filled with mirth and amusement before he settled down and replied, “To be honest, Ethan’s medical skills are good, but he’s my disciple, really. Most of the time, he asks me for guidance on medical skills!”

Young Master Gold nearly spurted the soup from his mouth. He laughed as though it was the most hilarious thing. “You’re amazing, young man! You’re really good. If you dare say that you’re number one in boasting, nobody dares admit to being number two!”

Old Master Gold turned to Old Master Taylor with a grin on his face. “Old Master Taylor, this son-in-law of yours is really refreshing to see, and luckily, the God of War isn’t here. If not, the matter of him addressing the God of War by his first name would land him in so much trouble.”

The head of the Gold Family smiled coldly and said, “Hey, hey! He’s not even shy or anywhere remotely abashed when he calls himself a miracle-working doctor! That’s the biggest takeout from this!”

“Jack, what are you talking about?” Stupefied, Selena discreetly tugged at Jack’s sleeve and signaled him to stop. It was fine if everybody thought that he was boasting. What would happen if what he so boldly claimed got out?

Enraged, Fiona had enough as she snapped, “Shut up, Jack! You constantly say whatever you like every single time. What kind of an existence is Ethan Hays, the God of War Hays? He’s excellent at both medicine and martial arts. He’s the most adored God of War. Even if his martial arts isn’t the best among the Nine Great Gods of War, his influence is the strongest. His position in everybody’s heart was the highest, and you’re here claiming you’re his master!”

Joan was also frightened by Jack’s words. She ran from her table—one that was next to theirs—when she realized Jack was starting to act out again. “Jack, what are you saying? You can’t make jokes like this!”

“Auntie, you don’t have to worry. Your son doesn’t seem too bad. At the very least, he’s very brave. If God of War Hays knew about this, being killed would be the best turnout. However, your son might have involved your entire family, and that’s…” Young Master Kelly trailed off with a grin.

“Mother, I’m telling the truth. It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe me!” Jack did not want to dive too much into details. He planned on telling the truth; that he was indeed Ethan Hays’ master. He never thought he would be met with this much opposition and ridicule.

“It’s great if you’re really a miracle-working doctor… But I still feel you’re a quack!” Cecilia even denied with all her might and added, “If you’re a miracle-working doctor, how would you simply say that I’m pregnant? I’m not pregnant!”


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