No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0686

”Sure!” Old Master Taylor obviously wanted to show-off. He went upstairs and soon came down with the luminous pearl. He then placed it in front of Old Master Gold.

Cecilia stopped speaking when she saw that nobody continued pinpointing Jack. After all, she was really pregnant, and Old Master Taylor would be unhappy if everybody knew this.

“Oh my, it’s really huge! I had no idea that there are luminous pearls of this size in the world! Everybody must be envious of you” Old Master Gold looked at the luminous pearl in the box with widened eyes. He had seen many luminous pearls but this was the first time he saw such a big one.

“the size doesn’t really matter. The most crucial point is its effect. I heard that it has the effect of prolonging one’s life. I hope that I can live an extra few more years with the help of this pearl. I feel like it really does what it says!” Old Master Taylor said with a smile. He even had a proud expression on his face.

“I really envy you! Why don’t we switch off the lights and take a look at its lustrousness?” Old Master Gold could not help himself and said as he remembered something.

“Sure!” Old Master Taylor asked the workers to switch off the lights. The luminous pearl shone a very bright ray of light and everybody in the room was able to see the pearl without lights on.

“This is a precious treasure! It really is something we don’t see very often!” Old Master Gold loved it so much he did not want to let the luminous pearl go. He continued exclaiming “Old Master Taylor, you’ve really found a precious treasure. Let alone five hundred million. I estimate that this item is worth at least a billion.”

Old Master laughed and continued saying. “I heard that many first-class aristocratic families were fighting over this. However, nobody could confirm its effect so nobody dared to bet a higher price after it reached five hundred million. After all, they would have suffered a big loss if this thing didn’t have the effect it was said to have.”

“Yes, only someone like the Goddess of War would dare to bet on it with five hundred million without any apprehension!” Old Master Gold nodded.

He asked for the lights to be switched on before closing the box reluctantly and passed it to Old Master Taylor. “Although the Goddess of War Lana is a woman, she’s such a generous person! She actually gifted something that’s worth five hundred million to Jack!”

“after all, Jack saved her life before this. Compared to her life, five hundred million is nothing!” Old Master Taylor laughed out loudly as he was very happy.

Old Master Gold also said with a smile. “Come, let’s drink!”

After they had several drinks, Old Master Gold said, “By the way, Old Master Taylor, let’s talk about serious matters. We are here today to send betrothal gifts to the Taylor family. It’s not easy for your family to raise Cecilia until she’s reached adulthood. Hence, we’ve prepared eighty million as the betrothal gift!”

“Eighty million!” Cecilia’s parents were slightly happy after they heard this figure. Although they were also members of the Taylor family, they did not have that much money. They were able to have a comfortable life because they worked in the Taylor family’s companies where they get nice salaries and bonuses.

The amount of eighty million had really surprised them.

“Cecilia’s mother, you must accept this money from us. Apart from that, you don’t need to trouble yourself and think about returning us with gifts or other things. This money is for you to spend the rest of your lives with as you only have this one daughter!”

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